Are you a Cool Wine Robot?

Are you a Cool Wine Robot?

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I drink cheap Italian wines with my dino tendies.

Oh, you're the Bernd.

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For me, it's sour beer and ice cream. I take a spoonful of vanilla ice cream and put it in my mouth, then I take a sip of some green apple hard cider (angry orchard works fine although it's a little too sweet for my taste. I prefer two towns ciderhouse brightcider) and suck the melting vanilla cream mixed with alcohol down my throat. Fucking delicious. Or I'll do the same thing with Ben and Jerry's strawberry cheescake Icecream and rasberry sour beer, or some dark chocolate icecream with blackberry sour beer or cider. It's the fucking most glorious way to drink (I'm not that fat).

Yes and mommy and dada don't like it.


Luckily I have my own place, so they can't see me down those wine bottles.

Any good cheap wines under 15$? Neet so i have to be that cheap

I am a cool whiskey robot. As it should be

Yeah, plenty.

Rex Goliath is a pretty solid affordable wine. Other good brands under $15 are Menage a Trois, Mirassou, Mark West. Some Euro wines can be pretty affordable too: I sometimes buy French Burgundy's and Spanish Grenache under $15 (averaging $9 to $13).

If whiskey's your thing, more power to you. But imo, there's definitely a different kind of buzz obtained when drinking wine vs drinking liquor.

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Gonna have to see if i can find them in my country. I bough this today and accidentally overpaid because i looked at the wrong label, too autistic to say no to the cashier and paid lol

What country are you from?

t.basic American

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Textrless post not allowed and forgot pic

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Just go ahead and have a look around next time you go shopping.

Fuck, I love red wine. It's like love in a bottle.

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hey don't you follow me from the KC

Agreed, i ised to drink spirits and brandy but since switxhing if had a much more comfy drunk

You're the one that followed me!

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getting drunk on wine feels a thousand times better than getting drunk on beer.

This. Beer fucking sucks because it bloats you.

Is there actually any increase in quality with price of red wine? I always get the cheapest merlot I can find but I have a fairly low tolerance so that might be why

>Is there actually any increase in quality with price of red wine?

You kind of feel it with food. Cheap shit wine kind of feels like stale juice but the good stuff goes amazing from a glass with steak and cheese. If you're just getting drunk by yourself with no accompanying meal there is absolutely no point in the expensive stuff

Not if you don't know that it's cheap. There is a placebo effect that if you believe it's expensive the wine is more enjoyable.
For me, it's the $6 bottom shelf port (just for dessert really)

I mean no
I drink boxed wine with a straw in my bed

iman uncool vodka cyborg

I'm European, of course I drink wine.

>drinking at all
imagine needing to depend on alcohol to actually have confidence and to cope with your issues. grow up pussy

Wine is disgusting, I don't know how anyone can drink that swill.

I drink a lot of iced coffee actually. Watered down, with cream but no sugar. I also love driving around while sipping it slowly.


I haven't the luxury to taste wine cultured in different wooden barrels

> get brewer's yeast
> get Welch's grape juice
> mix them
> wait 2 days

now you got yourself some wine spodee odee