This isn't real

I died a few years ago and this world is just a vr experience to ease me into the afterlife.

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Jokes on you, there is no afterlife. It's just this life over and over again no matter how many times you "die".

I'm not that ama femanon you're thinking of. I just like anime girls with blue eyes and black hair because those colors calm me.

That would make a lot of worries disappear if true but sadly there's no reassurance your consciousness can't be shoved in a different vessel like a ghostly one during the in between time.

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What if we were alive in some other life form and this life is just a DMT dream that is happening in my head after I died
This is a concept that fascinates me and at the same time absolutely terrifies me, along with theories of things like matrix simulation theory or that no one exists at all and this is all my insane person hallucination and I'm just totally insane to the point that I never see the real world only the huge hallucination that is this world

Well hurry the fuck up cuz im not enjoying this shit either

>I'm just totally insane to the point that I never see the real world only the huge hallucination that is this world
That's just the nature of conscious experience. You and I can communicate because you're either a part of my mind or our genetics and culture resulted in similar enough movies to allow some degree of comprehensible communication.

Fair point but I think what makes the real world real (if it is) is the fact that everyone perceives it in a very similar way so we can communicate human to human knowing that we both exist and are both conscious and perceive things in the same way. Now one of the alternatives to this is that no one else exists and everything is a figment of my imagination

Did you forget taking your risperidone again

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The timeline distortions are getting worse as our local space/time shifts into a higher dimension.

I don't like consensus reality because that implies number of believers alone determines if something is real.

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i think i killed myself in 2013 when i was 22. i am not sure whats wrong with me.

That's close to the age I feel like I died.

I'm touching you that cannot feel, but one small prod and you will squeal.

many people say things like life since somewhere around 2012-2014 has been dreamlike and unreal

the information and dopamine overload that the technocracy has brought has changed us.

unlimited content from youtube made it easy to indulge in passive, lazy consumption whenever you want
app makers made their apps as addicting as possible and gave everyone their own pocket casino
no such thing as downtime or truly "nothing to do" because always had your phone apps to mindlessly scroll through
so much of entertainment has been optimized that everything feels cookie cutter
social media took internet culture and diluted it into what it is now. the communities of yesterday have been erased and replaced with the monoliths of discord, reddit, etc for better or for worse

it feels like a wild fever dream for a lot of us. the next generation of little zoomers have known nothing but this world

yeah ive been riding out this soulless husk existence ever since then. i refuse to seek out any kind of psychiatric help since i dont know whatll happen if i take meds. i can still hold down a job but something is definitely wrong with me.

I'm convinced that this place is not my own reality. I don't know the details but I'm sure I was meant to die as a child and since I didn't my being here is causing an upset to the workings of this reality

It's ok OP. This simulation isn't that bad. Plus, you can log off at any time and join the next server. The IP address is right through the loop hanging from the guardrail.

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there absolutely is an afterlife. youre gonna get btfo so hard when you die lmfao.

Your consciousness is just an electrical pattern in your brain.
I've died countless times. I can assure you there is no after life.

Here in VR we breathe manually.

If it's just a pattern your consciousness manifests anywhere that pattern is replicated.

I see you're hedging your moral bets on some fantasy eternal VR "afterlife" instead of living the best life you can right now

We also have a perpetual itch somewhere on our moist backs.

Everything is real. That's the problem.
Why is anything real? What exactly is this?

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try derealization some time, then you'd be glad things are really real lol

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not really. freemasons who literally sculpted your worldview know theres an afterlife.

we all died in 2012. This is purgatory

no it's not you're retarded.