On a scale of 1-10 how damaged are you?

On a scale of 1-10 how damaged are you?

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At the start of this year a strong three, weak four.
Now? I'm the Joker. Mirror!

Probably a 7. I can still fake it but the damage may be irreversible

I would definitely say a 7 because ive experienced alot of violence, powerlessness, near death experiences and major life disappointments
I developed borderline personality disorder because of trauma

I'm on the brinks, so a 9.8/10 for me.

Care to explain why? I find people like you very interesting.

A healthy 2/10 for me, feels good man.

Why are you even on r9k then?

like JOKER in SUICIDE SQUAD bro im Fucked UP! I have twiztd thoughts XD

Sometimes im a 2, sometimes im a 10

Greetings normalfag that has never suffered a day in their life
Nice bait

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When i say damaged i mean how much trauma youve experienced and how damaging it has been to your life. Its a permanent numerical value not something you can change. Time heals nothing.

Demons emotionally abuse me and then gaslight me into thinking it's my fault.

Everyone can tell you something about their life that could make you cry. Gatekeeping suffering is possibly the most reddit thing that you could do ironically.

Idunno, I'd say about a 5/10, maybe a 6? Enough that I can never really be part of society or have healthy relationships but not enough that I can't function and appear to be normal if I try enough

Ever since I got a job as a first responder ive realized how tragic life really is. No one knows the pain and suffering some people go through.
>Be firefighter/EMT
>have a car fire
>driver is trapped
>burns to death
>have to extricate the body out
>literally 100% of the body is burnt
>you can see some of the bones and part of the skull

1 week later . . .

>13 year old boy gets in an argument with his mom
>goes to his room
>hangs himself
>we arrive and do CPR
>get him to the hospital where we get a hearbeat back
>dies 2 hours later in the ER

I'll never forget the names and the faces of these people. I'm beginning to think life is nothing but tragedy and suffering.

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Back when i was 17 i had a LDR e gf that was 14 and everyone started calling me a pedo, i was about to turn 18 and she 15, so i was getting scared since i'd be a legal adult, i tried breaking up with her normally, but she wouldn't accept, so i ghosted her and she'd still message me non stop. fast forward a month she starts talking to people i know adding everyone i hung out with on social media so i contact her again to get her to stop, but i didn't know how to bring it up, so i tell her i had been cheating on her thinking it would make her hate me and want to not get closer to me. at the same time that was going on a guy i knew IRL had started talking to her because he thought she was good looking, but because she was still attracted to me he needed me out of the picture, he also thought i was making fun of his mom and we were in a shitty band back then and i wanted him out because he could never remember his parts of the song. He started telling people i was making fun of them when i wasn't or that i wanted to fight them, it didn't work so he started telling people i was a pedophile and then he changed it up to telling people i was trying to get my ex to kill herself, he ended up convincing her to go along with his lie and everyone betrayed me. People were so outraged thinking i was trying to kill this girl that they tried to kill my mom since i had mentioned i would kill myself if my mom were to die. before all this happened that guy had also installed something on my computer that let him see everything i would do online so he was stalking me. i didn't know who it was that tried to kill my mom so i reported people he had mentioned in the past who supposedly had something against me to the police and those people turned out to be innocent, but they had lots of friends and they all got involved, spreading word about me supposedly trying to get this girl i loved to kill herself. it's been 5 years since then and they all still fuck with me.

You think seeing people in situations like that is bad? Lol try being in those situations
You should move your thing down to a 5/10

I don't really feel damaged but I am about 11/10 angry. People probably don't believe how angry I am due to my outstanding coping skills but one day sooner than it was yesterday, I will show them how angry I am.

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Turn your anger into productive goals user. Your shadow is something you need to integrate with your persona.

Six-ish Maybe five.
I was never brutalized nor did I witness anything super fucked up, just a lot of abandonment and apathy.

Parents never intended to have me (they were weirdly open about that), they didn't like each other very much in the first place. Father dumped child me on mother, mother dumped me on her parents, grandparents dumped me back on mother, no one really had the means or desire to raise me into adulthood.

I've just kinda existed. No real love. I find it really hard to care about myself. Still just kinda existing to this day.

My goals include destroying the homosexual mafia known as the Jesuit order which has the notorious infidel George Kershaw as their leader, with his gay come-hither/come-fuck-me stare. I want to destroy all of them and all of their works. Their goal is for their church to win in the end, but I will destroy their church and proclaim from the top of a mountain of the corpses of their children that I, the Sovereign Lord God, have won in the end.


There is no productive goal I can accomplish on my own when there is an army of people out there, the Jesuits apparently, shitting into everything I do. I cannot accomplish my goals alone: I am a human man. I need people to praise my name in public and spread the good news about the good things I have done. If you refuse to do that, then I can never accomplish any of my goals.

And know this: when you finally do praise my name in public, then the first thing I will ask is, "Why didn't you praise my name yesterday." Then you will say, "That other guy told us not to do it yesterday but he said it was ok today and we have him as the god we obey instead of you, Lord." That's going to be a really bad time for you all.

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Physically I'm at 50% HP due to alcoholism

Mentally I feel intact for some reason, despite having achieved or accumulated nothing. I just don't get the psych shit, like dudes chill out. Never been diagnosed with anything, never had a breakdown/meltdown. I honestly feel more mentally stable and sane than 95% of the peeps on a packed city bus or city subway car on any given day. Chill and smoke somethin bitch

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I'm just naturally a bad person. No trauma, just the conscious decision to live as an invalid.

>the meme society of Jesus

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>a mountain of the corpses of their children

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this gif is top tier. You can re-enact it every Halloween, ask kids for tricks and tell them their trick was shit and they get nothing

>so i ghosted her

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>that WALL of text