Im so lonely right now, anons is there any purpose to life at all

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You make the purpose. If you're lonely you should get some friends or a dog or something

i do have friends but they both are so fake and i have a feeling they hang out without me

They don't sound like good friends. Anyway I've transcended the need for actual social contact so I can't really identify with your problem op

how tf do you trancend the need for human contact i could really use tha right now

You have to overcome your fomo. Try to realize you're actually happy exactly where you are and that there's nothing you need to do or change. It helps if you can entertain yourself through some creative endeavor like art or reading. The thought of interacting with other people simply reminds me that I wouldn't have 100% of my agency and that reminds me how stupid interaction really is. I'm comfy right now and in complete control of my reality even though I'm currently doing absolutely nothing other than shit posting

If your so lonely why not find someone to cuddle with?

i have like no social skills

Good. Socializing is bad

it freaking sucks when you are trying to make friends when you cant start a sing conversation with them

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Transform a hoe into a housewife ala pretty woman

Stop trying, you'll be happier

i am trying but there is like something in me pushing me to try to make friends

>morrissey lives by himself after all these years of fame and fortune
Are some people just meant to be loners, and am I one of those people?

i guess some people just can live without other people

to live is to die, user

living is a fucking cure dude

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i wish it was true, user, i really do

Same.... Same...
I never fit in anyware. I am a weird autsit
who can't be loved.

yeah like i try to be friends with people but no one tries to be friends with me