Every friend I make already has a best friend

Every friend I make already has a best friend.
I feel like I started making friends too late, like everyone else made friends in elementary school or middle school, freshman year of high school at the latest, and now they have long bonds.

Also I would be hosting a rabbit stream right now but rabbit shut down, which is a disappointment cause I've been trying to use it to make friends.

How do I get a best friend that is going to have me as their best friend first and foremost, where do I even start looking for a friend, and is it even possible when everyone else has a headstart?

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Best friends lmao are you about 12?

I can definitely relate
>t. Shallow normalfag with oxytocin deletion

You wouldn't appreciate someone who knows you and your interests well, and is able to play off of that?
That has a compatible personality yet is different in ways that are new and exciting to you?
Where time flies when you spend time with them?
I wish I was good at makin prose or whatever that shit is called cause I feel like my brain is too tired and rotted to fully describe what I mean.

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That's called a girlfriend. Get one incel

But I had a friend from the boards like that one time. Ghosted me though, like people from the boards do.

Please be original and assist in my thread or leave? I can't force you to leave if you're devoted to spamming have sex, seething, and dilate in my thread, but wouldn't you like to use that time for something more productive or leisurely, even?
Thank you in advance, AY-non.

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Making genuine friends is near fucking impossible outside of college. Everyone already has their own groups.
Also, the easiest and very worst way to meet people is through discord.

I've tried that probably hundreds of times, maybe thousands.
They have best friends or they're too different in interests or they distance themselves from me at some point.
Is it just a numbers game? Must I keep grinding things out with discord till I find such a friend?

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You have to find someone who doesn't drive or can't and offer them a ride to some event.
They will love the company and the ability to get out. They will rely on you for transportation and scheduling your time around. They can't leave early, but if they do you get to talk with them as they do because you're their dinner most of the time, unless they get picked up.

Yeah but driving everywhere is such a fucking chore.

Doesn't that have a chance of them just using you for a free ride?
Them seeing you as a chauffeur rather than a friend?
Purchasing friendship usually doesn't go well, I think.

Skeeter is that you.

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Who is Skeeter, Mr. Catposter?

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my thread is dying, how sad

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I think this is the most respectful BTFO i've ever seen on this board

That sounds like a you problem. If you can't determine the difference then that's on you.
Also it's ok to ask for gas money.

Best friends are overrated

is this the daily dead rabbit thread by koma

The void is asking for you to enter.

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I hate this idea of a 'best friend' and that you can only have one. It's not too late to be that close to anyone, relationships change as time go on and whoever's their best friend is now, might not be their best friend in a year

the best course of action would be to make friends of whatever quality and find some people that you genuinely like to be around. it doesn't matter that you're not their "best" friend - it matters that you have friends, because eventually you may become their "best" friend. or, you might find someone through them that does that