This is somebody's can a father even come back from this?

This is somebody's can a father even come back from this?

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That's somebody's daughter baka

why is the cum on his face completely clear

they could identify as a guy baka

Have you ever cum on yourself (or been cum on)? Jism turns clear pretty fast.

>how can a father even come back from this?

By fucking his "son" in the ass, and posting pics.


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It looks like a mixture of cum and piss.

I'll never understand people into watersports who don't at least put a towel down. I always made sure I got pissed on in the tub, easiest clean up that way. Don't want piss all over my house.

They don't come back from it. Trans people destroy their entire family not just themselfs. I think murder is wrong, but I can understand why some people would be pushed to do it.

>This is somebody's can a father even come back from this?
hot desu even if statistically speaking he probably doesn't have a father

either faps too much or is zinc deficient

just make it lick up after

LOL one of the funniest things in my life is seeing the disappointment in my dad's face when i cut my balls off. it was even better than those disappointed fathers with the tranny sons. its was just SO GOOD, lelll

ahhh.... the guy treated me like shit my entire life, it brings me joy being a loser

What hurts the most is that I actually really want to look like this person, and do what this person is doing.

Did you send him your balls in a jar after you had them cut off?

I've got a major castration fetish but I wouldn't tell my fucking father, and I'd absolutely freeze a bunch of sperm beforehand.

Curious if you're not memeing though, how did you do it? Shady doc? Did you keep them or what?

Ido not think this person has a father. He was either raised by a single mother or father was an absolute beta cuck.

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Like how you retards think you can just ice live cells and preserve them indefinitely.

You can't just freeze cum like basknrobin's and then get it back later. Sperm has a very short shelf life even in the specialized facility it also may cause genetic issues.

The best way to do it if you want a kid is to just a nut in a girl before she castrated you.

Have you seen the older movie "americal eunuch"? It looks at the cases of several men who chose to have their balls cut off, and how they went about doing it. It ranges from an engineer who wanted to control his hormone levels, who found a doctor to do it, and regulates via injections; to a truck driver who wanted a sex change, but compromised on nullification with his wife, and found a back alley "cutter" to do it in a motel room.

Can be stored for more than a few years, in ideal conditions. And with multiple samples stored (for a cost, obv) the risk of having every sample "fail" after that time goes down.

Nothing beats having actual balls in your sac for knocking someone up, of course, but it's a good backup if you're going full eunuch.

This is you posting about things that have no effect on you. Stop focusing on the irrelevant

Daughters can have penises.

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I mean, if he has a good time, I really don't see the problem.
I wouldn't want to get photographed doing fetish stuff, but it's fine, isn't it?