The average brit

The average brit

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The average brit getting the average patte

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the average brit

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The average brits hugging

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The average brits napping

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The average brits working

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The average brits enjoying each others company.

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Average brit playing vidya

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The average brits playing

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The average brit eating a delicious neko snack

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The average brit going hunting

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The average brit playing music

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The average brit having a drinke

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The average brit going for a swim.

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The average brit going to work (school)

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The average brit in love!

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The average brit going shopping

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Average brits sleeping together on a hot summer night

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wtf i hate anime

>tfw kot id kicks in

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The average brit eating a cookie

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The average brit drinking milk

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The average brit having a nap

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I don't get the joke

The average brits enjoying tea together

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The average brit helping her friend

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The average brits having a merry Christmas

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The average brit being smug

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The average brit enthusiast watching the brits in the park

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Cringe gay weebs

The average brit looking behind her since she feels she's being watched

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The average brit surprised to find she is being watched

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The average brit being angry that she is being watched

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The average brit attacking since she was watched

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The average Dane

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Say hi to me

The average british paramilitary force In a gun fight with weirdos who stalk nekos

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The average brit doing his service for the country by gunning down creepers.

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The average brit winking

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The average brit delivering the final blow on the weirdos

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thank you


The average british mafia member being employed to help defend her country.

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The average brit enjoying a well deserved rest after the action is over.

He didn't technically say it.

That was mean •~•

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Yes he did that counts
Say it counts
*double slap*

The average brit enthusiast teleporting behind you

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The average brit enjoying a snack with her friend

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The average brits dabbing

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say it say it say it

The average brit

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The average brit hanging out with his non brit friend.

Stop booli!

Don't, he's a bulli.

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Say it and also bully him Thank you

No I love to see you suffer

Hello is still not hi!

Bud y?


Shut up and go with it now suffer you worm


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The average british maid
Could you not bully my friend please...

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Hey, Vsauce! Michael here.

Gas. It's all around us in the air we breathe. It fills our lungs and provides us with the oxygen necessary for respiration, and thus...survival.

But not all gas is for survival. In a mid-20th century experiment known commonly as "The FInal Solution," a gas known as Zyklon B was used to exterminate millions of Jews, and to great we thought until recently. In fact, what scientists are discovering is that many of these accounts have been fabricated or otherwise embellished, and are thus untrue.

But what is...truth? Some would argue that it's what we see right in front of us, like how I can wave my hand in front of my face and say confidently "my hand is here." But there's another theory...

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