There hasn't been a good thread in 3 days because some idiot stopped me from making them so i'm making one now

there hasn't been a good thread in 3 days because some idiot stopped me from making them so i'm making one now
feel free to participate

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Posting in a good thread

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I'm surprised furfags haven't capitalized on the fact that furries are allowed on Jow Forums.

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meh id but good thread

hes back again and about time too
its the first member of the furpost crew

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Post ban screenshot

btw the board freaked the hell out when you left

it's already gone but apparently i made a "porn" "dump" thread

posting in a thread that is of tge good variety

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do you actually live in hong kong? Whats it like(besides overcrowded and expensive)

@hong kong


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hong kong i just wanted to clarify that i did not post this thread it's some other person posting eevee related content under a german flag
i would never post something like this

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don't deny who you are

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go away

Op is a fucking good friend

hong kong please respond so i know you have read my disclaimer

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prove it


thanks ping pong

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>actually having moderation in Jow Forums

best thread on bant right now desu

I'm starting to believe that the degeneracy is completely out of control. Cuckstianity is not going to stop it. LARPing as a "nazi" on the internet isn't going to stop it. The only way forward is to go back. Way back. I'm thinking about Islam. I'm thinking about getting wahmen back under control and imposing a totalitarian theocracy. Could move to Saudi Arabia or something. Shit guys, the west has lost its moral compass. Like how else will the degeneracy be stopped?

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you in the pic

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welcome back!

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more likely than you'd think

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo don't die Hong Kong's return thread