Hey lads

hey lads

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horse milk is tasty

is it?


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you should try it

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hello old friend

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Hey senpai

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silly romania, milk does not come from the penis
whats up abe?

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Fuck off n*wfag
Posting Nagatoro with COCKS as the OP is a Jow Forums thing

hey nigger

hey bros

nothing much,you?

Oh my bad i normally don't come to this thread's

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is it?
setting up the latest realease of freeciv to get crushed by the ai on easy over and over again...

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this is now a nigger hate thread
>me on top

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ya should watch movie called dr strangelove

Yee Yee

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ah, i told myself i was gonna watch that months ago and never got around to it. ill watch it soon maybe
tomoko is very ugly and her manga is shit

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>you're a virgin

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Alles Erdenreich Ist Österreich Untertan.

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faggot kys

dindin rin ring