Please make the heat end

please make the heat end

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please make the tummy ache end

ok, done

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why are you always in pain

it's still here

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wait for it...



who on this board isn't amei
was saudi burger amei
is hong kong amei

I’m waiting for a reply on another board

my wife chino is so cute.


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OK, but you gotta pay me $200.

show me your powers first maybe i'll pay

The reply is there now goodnight

i will make it last at least another week

I'll be making it rain on Sunday.

wait i didn't reply lole

that's not enough i want at least 15c

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i won't pay any money for that

what boards do you use quick tell me

you didn't mention money
kindness is free you know

Pussy handle the heat like a man

vp bant

ok thanks


im going back to sleep now cause i dont have anything better to do and im tired still

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ok good nap

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me on the gif (moving image)


Men are generally more sensitive to heat. #TheMoreYouKnow