Americans are being autistic again

>Americans are being autistic again

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I'll fucking kill your ass ese

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Fuck off an*Mefag. you are vermin

>a literal kiwi

shut up frodo

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haha look at them go


has there ever been a time where we weren't

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mfw i see kiwis

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ahh yes the fruity poofta

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>is named after a fruit
>calls me a fruit
nice try pooftah

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do you have any evidence of me being a fruit other than a naming convention mr pom?

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You wouldn't like it if I posted it

Yeah I probably wouldn’t

Well that was anticlimactic

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Unlike your mum on my dick lol

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>An actual fruit salad

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I’m too busy to think of more insults

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when are we getting more pics

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this one is my favourite

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It's part of being American

lole nice one

thanks i took the picture myself

the filename is kinda rood tho

t. Gays

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post ur pp

i also own megafaggit2.png
it's quite the shot

just for that i'm postin number 2

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Stop bullying please

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no u

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that was just a shitpost lad I’m a megastraight

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more bent than a slinky you mean

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no, u
And I took a pic earlier today but didn’t get to use it

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these two are the only bad ones.
They've around 1000 proxies between the two of them and are completely dedicated to shitting up america's reputation. Please ignore them.

why not

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What’s wrong with niceya and ade?

an user on another board wanted to see my adidas track pants I was complaining about

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but what do you mean you didn't get to use it

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Thread baleted

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post it here

oh I see
this show us those adidas track pants

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look at these posts. Just look at them. I don't think I need to say anything else.

Pretending to be gay ironically while being gay is still being gay

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I’d rather not there is a bulge desu

I don’t see the problem, you should be more like them shiro

Incorrect, then you’d be mentally lel’d

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I'm a bad poster

me too

show bulge


no no no you guys are really good

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting you dumb homonig

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even more reason to post it

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post bulge to convince me

show us your dick

prove it

5th time being mistaken for someone with an actual identity
I love being anonymous

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Okay it’s literally nothing exciting or good, I was just complaining that the track pants are weirdly tight around the crotch so when you run or sit down everyone can see it


comfy tracksuit
you lose marks for the gay bulge though

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nice bepis

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It’s not gay I have to run in that

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you run with you bulge showing?

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Wear boxer briefs or something

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embrace it
be the guy who's dick everyone can see while he's jogging

just boxer briefs
and send pics


Yah but with a long shirt, you can’t see it I think

Does this help?

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this, just let it all hang out

Idk I always wear boxer briefs but I've never worn tight trackpants
I think they make some kind of special tight underwear for running too

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Okay thanks, I’ll try that out
I think I will leave this thread and make dinner now since gay brits and anericans derailed, bye akari poster

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the slidde

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I don't know. Loose things tend to shake around when you run

yes he must get some of this extra tight underwear
we wouldn't want people to see his bulge, would we?

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lel bye

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have a good munch

this is now a burg thread

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my ass faggot

munch healthy munches

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dumb anti-burg d*nm*r* go to hell

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aight lol imma just chill over here drinking tea

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my wife Chihiru is so cute

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Make America great again, onii chan!

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dumb gay tranny

prove it

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smart straight nontrans

t`was a jest

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