Head hurty

head hurty

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take the panadoly

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me on the pic

Well you have a Nice 9 to make it all better now!

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drink fluids
oh no no

i'm awake now good morning

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hi i almost drank myself to death

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Take the comic, save it, and use it. I made it to be used. Here's another one of mine.

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don't do that

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well im still alive so obviously i didnt

that's good but remember drinking isn't a solution

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i wasnt drinking cause im sad mom bought a bottle of wine and said it was okay if i drank with her so i took the opprotunity
i would have done it whether i was sad or not


head hurty


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the best way to cure a headache is with more alcohol

the cade is drinking the alcoholic


i gotta do some stuff now but i'll be back in about an hour

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what kind of wine gets you drunk from less than 1 bottle
anyway drink more water next time

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i'm back

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i weigh about 120 pounds and have drank alcohol literaly one other time in my life