Place where you live

>place where you live
>boobs or ass


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now this is much better

also Jow Forums claimed thread

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chachas are nice but I personally prefer a good squeezable butt

u gay

Come on, man. Not all are like that


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i bet you've lived around blacks. you're right, not all; most

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i thought newfies weren't fags, must be all the frenchie exposure that lead to this

nothing gay about a girl with big boobs, man
I like both anyways

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very based

Yea ik they commit the most crime but I still don't hate them.

>one day OP will relax

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Sometimes it pays to have your middle age incel son still live at home...

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Ive meet many blacks who are not like that. I don't think its fair to hate them just because of other blacks

>me kicking your shill ass

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do you think i don't have black friends? i do. i just recognize our differences and tread lightly with them. we are different, simple as that

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I'm going to pitch in. Black crime statistics are skewed the way they are because inner-city black folks are given garbage education and opportunities to keep them commiting crimes and voting for welfare. That explains literally everything about the situation. If you are not in an inner city, then black folks are literally just like everyone else. It's not a racial predisposition, it's a political situation.

>innocent thread about tits and ass turned into shitposting about black people within 20 posts
It really is clockwork at this point

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it's just one user posting Jow Forums in threads. Either way, this thread should have been on /b/ instead. It's a garbage thread.