Go away frogshitters

Go away frogshitters

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No u

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Cringe, no (you) for you

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Go die

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You first frognigger

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I never pooped out a frog thank you very much


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Frogposters are faggots and it's been scientifically proved

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Animefags hab de gay

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Fr*gfags are literally gay from the chemicals the government is putting in the water

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Smort reply but Alec jons is wrong
Also animefag big gay

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>he doesn’t listen to alex jones
enjoy your estrogen water that makes you gayer than everyone fr*gfag

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I don drink tap wader animufag
Suck it up your urethra

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Fr*gshitters are proven to have enormous amounts of estrogen in their body for the tap water they drink, your practically a woman

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I only drink soda u fgit
Animufags ar pruven to be huge fag

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Your just mad cause you couldnt join the memeboi gang

>fr*gshitters are not only gay but fat

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Ahah true

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/gagging. the only one, and the family was a good idea. the only one, but the only thing that you are looking to buy the best of the room, but the only thing that you are looking to buy questions, and the family was a good idea. the only one, but vgfvfnfhnubiibnig/fddeewerbnuihv. Nigferr. Nuh. Ni. Nihhgg. Nigger ghahaqqqqqqqqdghnjkkllppifbjnde