Why do bongs always mock the USA?

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Because you're the type of people that don't thank the bus driver

I have seen this recently

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Thank busdriver

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maybe because there are lots of things in your country that brits can make fun of

maybe they should have tried a little harder to keep us as colonies then

thanks bus driver

bongs' sense of humor is very negative. Similar to Schadenfreude. Even if there's nothing wrong with the US (and there are plenty of things wrong with am*rica) they'd still call us mutts and make jokes about our healthcare or something.

>thanking people for doing their job and not crashing

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>being subhuman

Because the USA unironically mocks itself all the time.

>not eating crumpets.

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I found out that my state is apparently one of the rudest in the country and, compared to what I was taught, it really hurts to see it. Also seeing what people say about it, I've started seeing what they are talking about which hurts even more.

what state? California? Yankee state?


>Utah is the rudest state
I would have never imagined that. I bet it's just the mormon meme.

Not the rudest, but up there. A lot of it is our driving and how loud and obnoxious a lot of people can be. I wont lie, there was a lot of inbreeding in the early days and I think that has caused a slight bit of autism here.

That bit is the entertainment part.

Quite honestly you are The Proudest nation on Earth, par none. Bongs can't resist that.

Maybe Only in certain core communities. I wouldn't put the rest of the Utah in the same basket.

Because, while the country itself is good, american posters on Jow Forums, aside from being ubiquitous, tend to be really annoying and lack the little something european posters (germany excluded) have. When an american poster does something good, it's just an american and you don't remember it, but when an american poster does something shitty, it's "ah, another shitty american". And many burgers here are Jow Forumstards, which makes them even more unsufferable.

Jow Forums clearly works in two shifts as well, which I think just highlights certain differences in certain topics of *centric* nature.
Other topics at Jow Forums are quite fine, and even good. Which is a thing I really like at here.

Why is France garbage?