She's only 23?

I thought she's at least 35.
How do I marry her and pump some babies into her pol?

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She's infertile. Got plastic surgery to hide her true age.

shes likely infertile because of all the abortions

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>quickly shills, attack this thread!!

Not even a (you) to which posters I speak of.
Should obvious which ones.


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leave her alone

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>How do I marry her and pump some babies into her pol?
Ask your parents.

she'll die single childless and unmarried .

stop spamming this roastie

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>I thought she's at least 35.
lmao thats funny amerishits saying that considering all your women look like shit when they hit 30. she literaly looks better than 99% of american women who are over 20. i dont even like her, she is attention whore and women dont belong to politics, but you are salty faggot probably fat amputee victim bastard

>23 looks 35
>deep manly voice
>wanting to fuck
>wanting to marry
>even after it's confirmed shes a jew
>even after it's confirmed shes a coalburner

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>the 1000 cock stare


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Caked makeup face Jewess who brags about "going to the gym" because she wants to perv in the next potential "Black Trump supporter" she'll fuck to relive the days of the nigger who used her as his kikess cum dumpster.

That's pure autism there but it ain't me.

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She loaths handicapped so much it's ringing a alarm bell. What deformities/mental handicaps does she have ?

It's the birth control. Girls who take birth control regularly have significany higher rates of infertility.

Doesn't excuse her from adopting a White child, there's probs a few millions of those. She'd rather fuck niggers and suck patreon money out of fat virgin losers though.

oi m8 you got a loicense for that shitpost?
go clean your car or you'll be fined 300 queenbux

I live in Northern Wales
I'd like to see a policecar try and get within a mile of my house

>only 23
for the last decade

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>only 23
there's really no way this is true. 28, maybe, at the youngest.

>How do I marry her
first you have to convert to judaism and then you have to be at least 60% nigger.

that's how you look after riding random dicks from all around the world since the age of 15

what are you gonna do, stab him with your spork?
you're a subject, you're disarmed, you live in a rainy shithole, you're ruled by two old women, an unelected magistrate could throw you in jail for having the wrong opinion, you're soon going to be be out of the top 10 economies and militaries in the world, and your food is terrible. I feel sorry for you

>she'll die single childless and unmarried .
you may add some STD'S to this

Shit if that passes for 23 I'm 16 again.

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On a sidenote
Is the autistic Laurenfinn still alive?

maybe , fame really fucks with the lives of women , young ones especially .

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thats the whole point of birth control. how fucking stupid are you

honestly id much rather Brittany pettibone or faith goldy, they are alot more tolerable. I hate this slut.

You're all set then.

what is this?

she looks like she has some kind of physical disability

because she haas

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Not gonna lie I would still savagely fuck her butthole

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If you have to ask youre already out of the game

I wonder what her feet smell like??

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Be a Nigger


Virgin detected

So it's true.

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She literally looks in her mid sixties.


I love her unironically but she needs to show off her figure more

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You convince her that it is what’s best for her career. That’s all she cares about, and all she will ever care about: HER career. Convince her that you can help her career and she’ll use you as a prop to do so

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