Uh-oh! How are you gonna get outta this situation in one piece?

Uh-oh! How are you gonna get outta this situation in one piece?

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i dont want to nigguh

i don't

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they are not real, they are just drawings so i don't have a problem at all

Same here. I wanna get fucked by futa dick all night long.


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grab 'em by the dick, throw them across the room, find kot, fuck her, and then run.

Pull out two 1911 and then put them in the ground

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>responding to yourself

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Blow it out your ass

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Eat shit and die

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I atta break a broom handel off in your ass

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My balls your face

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This only ends two was in both you die

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Groin kick, followed up with a throat punch and then running away as fast as possible.

barrel roll