Ask Dr.Medic anything

also check this shit out.

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Why is your name Dr.Medic?

based get

Are you a tranny?

Why are you so gay?

Why don't you make conquistador and monster girls threads anymore?

That's a good one.
I like medic from tf2.
One day when I was like 12 to 13... I wanted to register on one barneyfag forum(my online female friend told be to do so), I called myself Dr.[somehorsethatidontrememberthenameof] wasn't allowed, so I renamed myself to Dr.Medic.
I'm not.

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Are you male or female then?

What makes you think I am I woman?

lol barneyfag

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Idk, i always thought you were a tranny, you post a lot of little girls and you like futas.

said the biggest hosebro in this forum

Marvelous how one individual can be a part of such cancerous fanbases as these.

If trannies like it, they must be pretty based.
Most trannies are retarded as hell tbdesu
I'm not barneyfag, that show is shit.
The only thing that interested me was the visuals

Yeah but futas are pretty gay imo, and isn't your avatar a green haired girl?


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Why are you asking?
And futa is not gay.

'Cause avataring as a girl is pretty gay too, imo
And c'mon, futa is a little gay, they got dicks, they're basically trannies.

do you realise you have no personality outside of touhou and le posting futas
boring mook

You call yourself Chen... and everyone has anime/2hu in their profile picture.
It's a lie and you know it, if you would have talked to me outside "hurr durr ur borig postin only towhow and dickie garls"
This is how you "meet" people.

I'm not here for your entertainment you silly britshit.

Haven't you announced that you would leave Jow Forums like 2 or 3 times already?

Why are there no other czechposters?
Almost every other country has at least 2 posters

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Well my name was decided by an amerimutt that rolled trips, i didn't even know about the existence of that retarded catgirl; so, who's that girl and why is she your avatar?
Wew lad you came in this thread just to asking me this? I really meant to leave but i changed my mind.

There at least 2 more
One is kpopnigger
and the other one is posting one per year.I remember, but you should remove it if you don't give crap about 2hu, it confuses.

Idk, i've grown to like it; well, care to explain your avatar or not?

Oh yes, sorry.
I like Hina, she is my favourite 2hu.
She is kind, peaceful, humble, pretty and overall good person.

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