Malaysian Thread

Malaysian Thread. Only Malaysians can reply.

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okey, Im here

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But U Russian!

proxy, lole

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Oh, okay.

Yeet on these motherfuckers.

skrrt skrrt what up my fellow malaysians?

Nice try, American faggot.

whats up bros


I'm half Malay can I post?

babe pls


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I'm 1/1000th malaysian, can I reply?

সে কথা কি করে জানলেন বলুন তো।

Pretty sweet place. I've been there once
Altho I remember getting fire ants biting on my dick which wasn't cool

Haire bolod, DNA test er naam shunshen? Amar baper baper baper baper baper baper baper baap Banglay aisilo malaysia theka

Negroids fuck off from our thread

tell that Indian boi, not me

Stop treating Johor like shit or it will become our next GRC

I'm 0% Malay can I post?


Literally who: the country