Go on Google

>Go on Google
>Type in "Why do [your country's demonym]"
>Show the results

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conflicted feelings

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I'm on mobile and I can't screenshot it but it says:

Why do southerners say do what
Why do southerners fry everything
Why do southerners call lunch dinner
Why do southerners sound different
Why do southerners paint ceilings blue

Honestly I don't mind it if these are our stereorypes. Not sure about the "blue ceilings" thing, though... never heard of it before. Oh actually now that I looked it up apparently they mean Haint blue on our porches. Didn't know y*nkees actually knew about that, I haven't heard it since I was really little.

Almost all Arabs look white to me

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no surprises here

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The snail thing really get to people uh. Well, it's delicious.

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>eat late

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pretty typical

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I've no clue either.

what the actual fuck

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In all honesty I had thought that I was the only Singaporean that spoke quickly,I usually speak at around ~200 wpm and I have to slow down most of the time.

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not bad lah

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>Implying ur whiter than me

Not on my watch, mohammed

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ehehe,post the results for australia!

ey pizza mammaa *angry hand gestures
heh. always a nice joke

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english version

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quite different

The state I am in, within america. Figure somone else will do america itself.

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how does it feel to live in a state that was cucked by DC's sheer presence?

DC? Like the state? I dont get it. This is the least cucked state in the usa AND LETS KEEP IT THAT WAY BUY LIQUOR AND GTFO

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I meant that Maryland's culture and ideologies are pretty far removed from their historical contemporaries solely because of Washington DC's presence, but honestly your post is making me rethink that desu

Naw, we are pretty far from the sjw political bs. We watch the rest of the united states go up in flames from a semi safe distance, cause we are surrounded by states with shitty policies.

Dont come here and tread in all the liberal dirt. WIPE YOUR FEET BEFORE ENTERING.

absolutely based. If I recall md still tends to vote blue though. I wonder why that is? same with delaware. I'd be very happy if I could count you and delaware as part of Dixie but I'm just put off by the y*nkee capital being so close (and how they're messing up virginia too, as I'm sure you're aware.)

top kek

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New Hampshire is the most based state there is.

>have slanted eyes

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Do you dislike me?

>American centrism


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the hell is this fingernail bullshit

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>The gay lisp

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lmao took me a second to realize it was talking about horses.


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atleast i'm not alone with the staring thing

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Why are all of these results so stupid

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