Do not interrupt my combo

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too late

my wife chino is so cute.

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Damn even on the same second. I'll give you that one user

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can you

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beat this?

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these waiting times to post are killing me

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I have been trying to find an excuse to kill myself lately because i keep failing at everything I try. Maybe this is a sign.

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okay that's it

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I got your dubs for you

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I-I'm good at other things! I can knit a sweater that'll make you itchy in the summertime and make you want to wear something slightly warmer but it's still kinda warm so you don't mind in the wintertime

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W-would you knit me a sweater, please?

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Do you want the itchy kind or the semi-warm kind? Because I don't know how it's gonna come out I'm only on the second youtube tutorial out of 5 videos. I-I mean my Grandma taught me....

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The semi-warm kind, please. I-I want something nice to wear out when the cool air starts to come around. Im sure Grandma Youtube will help you through it, g-ganbatte!

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