How is depression handled in your country?

how is depression handled in your country?
mine just prescribes pills

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wouldn't know

mine just prescribes pills

>mine just prescribes pills
i'm not buying it what do russian hospitals do?

Mine you just get beaten with a fucking belt or a wooden plank until you "stop being sad" or something, it's really fucking weird how monkeys handle mental illnesses here, explains the high rate of suicides lately.

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mine just prescribes pills

i was diagnosed with depression and some other shit when I was like 16 but I'm so terrified of taking pills. probably irrational but I don't want them to completely change my personality

all kind of stuff

hot desu

Once depression becomes part of things you identify and becomes part of you personality you are irreversibly fucked , doomed to become a bugman with 0 personality with pills

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depressed people just need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.
because being depressed is such a desirable personality trait.

my mom hits me

yeah I pretty much agree with that. sometimes when I think about myself being happy I cant even imagine what it'd be like. it just feels like depression is such an essential part of me :/
and ye I'm aware nobody likes depressed people, but I'd rather feel like myself then be on some weird pills, even though I'm aware how stupid that is

mine hires escorts for you to fuck and cuddle until you feel better, all covered by taxes

I handle it by medication and heavy drinking!

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>le "depression pills make things worse and turn you into an emotionless zombie" meme

this outdated meme is probably the biggest cause for depressions ending in suicide. some of the pills unironically work like magic with no side effects.

t. mindless zombie

I've been on SSRIs for the last 4 years and they definitely do have side-effects. Alcohol effects me more easily and even a tiny amount gives me wicked hangovers. I'm going to need dental work because I've worn my teeth down from grinding them in my sleep. I do feel a bit cut-off from my emotions. Jerking off is harder and orgasms feel a bit weird. These are all know side-effects of SSRIs. The worst part is that the pills don't work as well as they used to but I'm still left with all the side-effects.

Having said all that, going on pills might still have been a good idea. Before them I was completely dysfunctional, unable to sleep, constantly skipping work, constantly believed everything was much harder than it really was. The pills fix that, for a few years at least.

lol we kill ourselves here

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better than I thought. were only 44th worldwide. we just had some ad's telling us to go for a run or a swim or literally anything productive

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you do know the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist right
if you don't want one then go to the other

ok bub


what do you mean? If you don't want pills you go to a psychologist instead that's kinda how it works
I'm not gonna speak out on how effective that cognitive therapy shit is it definitely didn't do anything for me, but still the option is there

we have psychological services for depressed people, but i have no idea about the quality of it. seems like most depressed people keep being depressed so its gotta be bad

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a lot of therapy
a friend of mine goes to paid therapy from his employer because he told his him once he was a little depressed.