Thoughts on abby and britt

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bucket list

imagine if your only way of having sex was doing a threesome...

I feel like they should've been aborted with a heavy heart, because they're generally normal- but they're obviously going to suffer for societal and medal reasons (later on). They've also had porn leaked of them; which kinda feels bad since they have no choice but to be so fucking weird.

Based and redpilled. Would fugg

Would masturbation be considered incest?

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Not cool to laugh at people with physical deformities. Good for them for whatever they accomplish. It must be a hard life and but for the grace of God to I.

ywn have one sucking your dick and another licking your asshole

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literally they started my fetish on coinjoined twins.

you gotta go back hombre

It's pretty abnormal but they seem to make the best of the situation

>that fucking image
My sides

>Not cool to laugh at people with physical deformities
thats not a deformity,its an upgrade.

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>"Naked Stories"
>doesn't show nudes

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I'm happy for them


stupid newfag that blowjob pic is a shop, fucking kys

>lead porn

Just post it!

I think they're awesome. I wish them only the best I really do.


Do they get two salaries?

>1 set of reproductive organs
Which one has feeling in the pussy? Do both of them feel orgasms? Serious question.

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this board embraces retard and crazy

yes they gotta get taxed twice

they should be blacked. how would that even work, exactly?

that is the hottest thing i have ever seen 2 for the price of one

>American teacher salary/2
>paying taxes

More like they get 2 earned income tax credits.

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if im correct there is a porn tape somewhere where they fuck a whiteboi with 2 dicks.


can one die before the other?

no, i mean whose head gets cradled?

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That could be anyone!

They could make a fortune out of porn or some wealthy sheikh's weird fetish

Abortion is sometimes ok

happy for them
this is cool
but wasn't this ages ago?
how are they doing now?
I hope well

fake and gay

Do you suppose they kiss each other while they mastrbate? If one arm masturbates does it pleasure both? Have they had sexual relationships with men? I have so many questions