You wake up in india

You wake up in india

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so much poo

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What the fuck, why are they all standing still? The children are not chasing each other, the ladies are not gossiping and giggling, it's like a videogame, those people are truly NPC'S

Why don't you enslave untermensch like in the good old days?

Why living in 2018 is so annoying seriously!

These people are animals, we should have the right to kill them / enslave them / rape them.

t. Colombian trying to seem superior
Your average IQ is 84, India's average IQ is 82. In the margin of error. You both are fucking shitholes and full of NPCs.

how difficult is it to poop in a hole? how difficult is it to put your trash into a garbage can? i don't understand this.

Just try you French frog eating fuck. I’ll make sure that once again the colour of your skin is the colour of your flag just like in 1939.

A French talking about untermensch, when French women cucked French men openly towards Germanics. JFL.

India looks kinda fun desu.

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Nobody is pooping in the video dumbass. Also, its not people who throw the garbage but industrial and municipal waste collection. These people are illegally living on that land because the government wont provide them with subsidies. This is what happens when capitalism reigns.

Seriously, have some nuance and idea of what you’re talking about.

Says the cholo so ashamed of his country he hides behind an EU meme flag


t. Chang

Those digits don’t lie.

I just stepped into poo

Plastic was a mistake

So does the toilet my dude


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I kill myself.

2020 super power you can feel it just look at them all ready to go

>This is what happens when capitalism reigns.
Is it really capitalism? Could it be anything else?

I hope that would never happen.

Gringo who lived in Colombia for 3 years here. Nothing alike. Colombians steal a lot but they aren't stupid, if you're going to do business in Colombia you need to be very quick to think/ observant because if you aren't you get robbed.


looks like a great Va K spot.