Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck

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get a job faggot.

Sure, bud. I've got some time to give you some advice. What do you need to know?

Such impudence never came my way. Early this afternoon I gave you money... while I was having my shoes polished I gave you MORE money... now you put the bite on me again. Do me a favor, will ya? Go occasionally to somebody else - it's beginning to get tiresome.


Y'all northern folks ain't workin' like us in missisispi. Go cu

If you want to commit sodoku, might as well take some kikes with you
Just sayin


>Posting Bogart during European hours.
Go back to Morocco, Sam.

Hot the road Tom Joad

Sure! $15/hr to help me gut a foreclosed home I just purchased in Charlotte. Where you at?

...are you even white?

b-but tyrone, you're a nigger..!

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Sure, grab a mop and start cleaning. I'll happily pay you for your efforts.

>be me
>born in 1967
>watching Bugs Bunny cartoons in mid-1970s
>having ZERO idea who this guy is

Watched a ton of cartoons like this made from the mid-1940s to 1950s with references nobody born after 1940 would get

MFW All those Warner Brothers Cartoons got censored to remove all the suicides and racial stereotypes

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We went from
to that overnight

jesus christ get the fuck off of this board you fucking faggot

Or are you just mad that you are a Zoomer who doesn't all the references made in Tiny Toon Adventrues/Animaniacs from the mid-1990s:?

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How the fuck do you not know Humphrey Bogart?

I knew who Humphrey Bogart was, even as a kid, I just didn't know why the fuck he was in a Bugs Bunny Cartoon

Just like Zoomers will never know why pic related.

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The same reason Peter Lorre was you uncultured pig. They were famous at that time.