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excited edition

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buncha nerd retard shit

>no to mh
>yes to wow


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equivalent of scratching ur ass n getting poopie shits in ur fingernails


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lol S oyB

i was making fun of dutchingu being too busy playing to make the thread
new song produced by station featuring seulgi, sinb, so yeon, and chungha

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Indirect gotem.

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>new song produced by station featuring seulgi, sinb, so yeon, and chungha
Oh the station, yeah can't wait.

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for a second there i thought i was going to be delivering the news that this was coming

this always struck me as more angry or displeased than excited

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>i was making fun of dutchingu being too busy playing to make the thread
looks like it was ireneman who got fooled into thinking people wanted to play wow with him

She looks pretty excited there, not angry at all.

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Nah, I know about it awhile ago.

Sticks and stones.

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How about here?

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guess i'm dumb

i see

a little bit crazy, but the excited kind

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How about here?

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people here not wanting to play can hurt as well you know

Time to rest, got some grass cutting to do in the morning.

You didn't say which server we were playing on...

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Sleep well.

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well that one's clearly disgust

sleep tight

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But she's smiling. :o

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a disgusted kind of smile

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don't reward his behavior


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What behavior should be rewarded then?

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He only likes bullying

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good things
bad moderator

explain this entry

Rest easy

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wow for the first time in my life i actually internally addressed the issue that was causing my anxiety and was able to find some small peace of mind instead of just spiraling into an uncontrollable depression.

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>explain this entry
Not smart enough to understand?


Oh no.
I'm the moderator?
Very good to hear.

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just weirded out, MD

not if you reply to loony bin boys

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Quite rude dbh.

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im not loony

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a little bit

why do you post like one then

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Excited nayeon.

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sorry, shapiro

depression is not loony bin. besides im making big steps, a year ago i was waking up wanting to die every single day and alternating between fulltime neet and fulltime chef/alcoholic. now im working out 4 days a week and doing well in college and if i can get out of my own head, i might even have a qt kgf.

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He went through a lot of shit and you should have more empathy

Dwai chingu

kids are dumb desu

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What are you up to?

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studying geology until raid time

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geology is the scariest subject in school.

t. jock

I see, hwaiting and don't have too much without me.

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it's super free, just equally annoying

thanks, i'll probably be fine

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i do feel silly doing literal memorization work for college classes, though

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i just mean how powerful the earth is, its spooky and makes you feel a bit helpless if you think about it too much.

You know what to do.

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of course
focus on raiding

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For sure.

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we're back on heroic and first tried taloc
feels good to have only 2 pugs

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I bet.

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1st try mother, too

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Coolest guy.

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Good night

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extreme cool
2 wipes on fetid, unfortunately

sleep tight

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Here have a sleepy seulgi, rest easy chingu.

Sorta coolest guy.

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Good night.

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Here I thought we were going to get an early start to n.i. hours.

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Chungking express

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kicked some bad dps and we're back to it

not this time

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>kicked some bad dps and we're back to it
As you should.

>not this time
Seems so.

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How is it?

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vectis is really poorly tuned

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