What even is the point of this board lads?

What even is the point of this board lads?

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friendlier international version of /b/

Thanks for clarifying

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it exists so i can post furries without getting banned


you're welcome my Finnish friend

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I can write on whatever I want on this board and no one cares


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i just call them animals or animal people because the mere sight of the word "furry" is enough to send the average autist into a seething rage

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what's so nice about furries?

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>average autist
pretty much the majority of this board

It was a containment board for Jow Forums, which is a containment board itself.

some of them are cute and nice to look at
a lot of them go into uncanny valley with how human they are which is why i like the characters of the artist i keep posting because they retain a lot of animal traits

It's for international banter of course!

because they're cute and aesthetically pleasing, you fag

When you go on Jow Forums, it's very hard to know what people are talking about.

kind of have to agree. I was just curious about other people's opinions

It was a containment board for Jow Forums but then we R A G E D A G A I N S T T H E M A C H I N E

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it's a kekistani suicide cult. We're running a death gauntlet right now. Italy is in the lead because he's probably killed himself hundreds of times by now. Or was that Mexico...One of the two.


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Is bant better or worse than pol?

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only way to find out is to lurk my suomi friend

it's definitely more entertaining since people come up with the weirdest arguments. Jow Forums is more chill

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From checking out a few threads it seems pretty aight so far, might stick around for a while.

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to get kot id

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What is kot id and how do I get it?

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/b/ 4.0

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you bide your time

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