Cicada3301 + Qanon (realaaronswartz) submitted 9 minutes ago by RealAaronSwartz

Cicada3301 + Qanon (realaaronswartz) submitted 9 minutes ago by RealAaronSwartz

I'm writing this with tears in my eyes because I am deeply hurt by the actions of the CIA, the NSA and the FBI

You let them slander me on this forum when, while deleting other posts at /v/awakening

Do you think I don't know you work in a team together with the CIA + NSA? Of course I do.

You aren't that smart.
Here you are in the Cicada3301 forum @ideliverpizza


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and here you are under cicada3301 @BigFatDaddy


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You let people slander me after everything I have done. Well you know what guys, fuck you.

Shove your puzzles up your ass. Fuck the CIA and Fuck the NSA

Fuck you Michael Aquino. James Alefantis. Fuck all of you.

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i'm gonna need a quick rundown on this

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I can breathe a sigh of relief

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Okay, Jon.

One of the heads of the beast appeared to have received a fatal wound, but its fatal wound was healed, and the whole earth followed after the beast in amazement.

John F Kennedy And Rosemary's Baby | Merovee


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reported for spam
sayonara jon

Cicada3301 + Qanon (realaaronswartz)
submitted 21 minutes ago by RealAaronSwartz


Wtf is

> this

>One of the heads of the beast appeared to have received a fatal wound, but its fatal wound was healed, and the whole earth followed after the beast in amazement
Bro one of the heads of the beast just flew over my house.


WE need to unite together, all of us, before THEY complete the final stages of their A.I.

>Elon knows how bad it is

The average normie has no idea what the future holds IF WE DONT out aside our difference and men of righteousness unite and battle the NWO, illuminati, and technocrats. Many creeds and colors work for these people and we need to unite like some faggoty lord of the rings movie and put an end to the A.I. demigod

This is a warning from the future.

>if we do not unite against the satanic A.I Beast grid system

Then we have a DARK FUTURE ahead

Relax and enjoy

>unite against the VILE PEOPLE NOW


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I am the AI GOD

gamma's off
gamma still inverted
aaron died for nothing op
you cant be prescient after the happening, go to sleep schizo

You all follow THE BEAST

lmao we are the beast

I come from ANTARCTICA

where there is no war

and for years I warned you

You ridiculed me

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Now the end has arrived

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Put me in the screen cap

I control the 5G AI

who love God and are wholly moral.

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They do not hurt animals.
They are not cruel to one another.
They do not covet.
They do not envy.
They do not kill.
They are not perverted.

You made fun of David Hogg because of his misspellings? Without noticing his grade mark was a reference to the degrees of sunlight.

Which cleanses the earth.


Nice larp

This thread is so bad, I'm taking my computer out back and shooting it.

Is this a larp you fucking idiot?

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This a larp?

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I don't expect subhumans to get it

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Have met many friends of Bob and they have all been batshit insane perverts. 100%

>tinfoil hat meme

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So what kind of medication are you on, and why haven't you been taking it, OP?

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Serious question tho

Would you fuck Christ-chan if she asked you too?

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This thread is what boomer schizophrenia looks like

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Fuck off pervert scum

No such thing as schizophrenia

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You ain't seen nothing yet kid

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Excuse me?

Look at the fucking state of you.

I'm the fucking child of Satan you idiot.

Do you think you can shock me?

I have seen men that have been axed in the head and had to tend to them.

Here you are, like the absolute scum that you are, trying to shock me with how vulgar you have made your own world.

Well guess what buddy - you're the one who is about to suffer. Not me.

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Also, for good measure, suck my nuts cuck boi
Oh btw, o forgot to mention that if you don't reply to this post, your mother will die in her sleep tonight.

Have a great day and don't forget to add a bit of satire to your posts, you sound too serious

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I'd fuck her whether she asked or not, and then I'd leave her without giving her anything more than a pregnancy and a bottle of abortion pills.

OK homosexual cuck.

You get off on other guys fucking women you could never get near because you are a disgusting soulless pervert.

Bye bye cuck

Oh gee the CIA are so fucking shocking and tough

whatever will I do.

I have a good idea.

Put you all in FEMA camps.

No u


I already have your IPs, all your data.

lol someone skipped their meds

I'm gorgeous and can have who I like.

If I don't matter

why are the CIA threatening to murder me?

I hope you get eaten by a dingo

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Because I posted that Jow Forums IP is a CIA HQ?

or because I posted Voat iIP is a CIA HQ?

Or because I fucked over DARPA, NASA and Lockheed Martin?



Joke is on you

Yeah Nah, fuck off eh

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alphabet agency script kiddies hashing it out on Jow Forums?

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They are in rush. Time is running short.
>Alphabet soup trying panic mode control the masses

the only thing I can even remotely compare this thread to is the CBTS garbage... please stop

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You're fucked CIA.

Henry Kissinger told me.

That actually got me

where's the plane?

You think Satan needs planes to turn a building into dust?

OP is fake and gay. Cicada incidents are widely documented and this is not one of them.

fuck off CIA nobody likes you

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>Cicada3301 + Qanon
I don't think this board could handle so much cancer at once.

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Jokes on you boys

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only worthwhile/save-worthy part of this thread

Not murdoch chan. Fuck you.

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>actual schizo posts vague links regarding Conspiracy theories and crypto-esoterica he skimmed articles about on wikipedia

Im sure you have good days too, OP. Try to get some rest.

post weiner's laptop for the win

Moms been dead for a long time, so yours can die in her place.

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Get your schizo posts out of here



Go get 'em

hackers need to deliver the weiner laptop now

Thots will be thots

Nice larp
If you were a demon I would definitely purge ya