Denmark appreciation thread

Haven't had one of these in a long time

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this is now an israel appreciation thread

has an oddly round ass

this is now a dub checking thread

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appreciate me

based denmark do it again

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Denmark hate thread now

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I'd love to visit your country

Ok ping pong

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Dumping the denmark bullying kit, for those that are interrested

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don't know who this guy is

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the best one

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You can repeat only one word, just fagmark

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tfw too intelligent to have a job

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Back to

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I'm happy here.

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i honestly believe that sweden should start a war with denmark to eradicate your pathetic, unintelligible excuse of a country.

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Would anybody even come to their defense?

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Hey denmark whatsup?

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Based Swede
Unbased Swede

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based namefag

>Uhuhu someone insulted me

doubt it, as they are generally pretty shit at everything.

Grow up

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FUCKING JEWS! (and niggers)

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Everyone out!
This is now a New Zealand hate thread.

i love this place woooooooooo

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well, austrailia is pretty much equally as horrible if not worse, so whats your point?

You are the one without proper life

Stop lying.

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I feel a lack of appreciation in this thread...
You're so mad it's not even funny Dr.Pathetic

and, whats your point?

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There is literally no reason for Denmark to exist

i do like denmark
what i dont like is you, im surprised you havent killed yourself already, you are a disgrace to denmark

why should i suicide? im on your side you cuntswab.

Wauw an angry Swede. Haven't seen that a million times before.

fuck off toothpaste

That's true but thanks to you guys we exist, thank you :) Everytime I tell a netherbro about this they say it's important to guard your harbours.