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Fear edition

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I'm afraid of nothing unfortunately

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Tiny bottle

That's cheating

What about black people

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why do i have PAID ADS???

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I'm not afraid of wild animals because I can kill them with technology

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I'm glad that Slug is always there to protect Irene

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Motherfucker the lights are off and this shit legit scared me

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very confused seulgi

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it's fear edition after all

make comfy edition next time and I will post vids like this

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You never follow the editions anyways

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I only follow good editions

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fear pic just for Pedro

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Good pic

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>88 degrees and september is already half way over
heck this planet.

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it's from the milliseconds before the tragedy series

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Eh? Why?

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I hate gaivotas

Don't question me, gramps
Really funny webm

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Based song

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Looking at the Moon before bedtime, I see.

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Hey guys, maybe you can help me with your expertise?

I have no clue about Kpop at all, but I could use a clip of some female Kpop idol/s reacting to something cute. (just anything like saying 'awwww' or whatever) Anything will do, as long as it doesn't cut away from her/their face during the initial reaction. I want to put it into a video project of mine. It's no biggie, but maybe you have something in mind and can link me to it. Thanks.

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Dutchie made it.
Good night.
That's very dangerous.

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wir brauchen noch mehr lebensraum.

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Bad drink?

nice webm

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I think we hit the edition quota.

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That's lucky because this is my last one.

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I got plenty left but wanted to post other things.

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sure why not

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Mhm, I believe you.

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Bed time.

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Probably going to do more work in the forest so better get to sawing some logs or whatever the proper phrase for sleeping is.

Been waiting with your post to catch me off-guard, were you?

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bye sleep well


Rest easy.

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Sleep well.
Pour it into a glass of beer.

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But it's already gone


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Second supper?

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What are you up to?

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Pizza soon

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i was gonna grade but it turns out i don't have the rubric so i'm leveling a dk instead

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People pizza?

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>so i'm leveling a dk instead
Gave me a chuckle, classic nansters.

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Tiny fetal position dog.

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classic me
i'm getting real fed up with some aspects of paladin, even if there's a lot about it that i like

>ggez id

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Care to elaborate on those aspects?

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No but time to ride this shit lol

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DK blood is a fun tank

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Is funi tho.
Have fun with the bubi. Don't crash.

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paladins are really powerful because they have really high uptime on a huge armor buff and a very strong self heal. a bonus is that they have the widest variety of "oh shit" kind of cooldowns, including stuff like BoP and lay on hands that can be used on others
they pay for that with the fact that they have literally no magic damage reduction in their kit outside of the huge, long cooldowns. it makes them great for mythic+ because you can just avoid doing dungeons with a lot of consistent magic damage and the most difficult stuff to handle is trash auto attacks, so they can do big pulls and be insanely tanky for them while BoP and LoH are incredibly relevant.
for raiding though it really sucks because you can't just skip incontinent bosses (and i wouldn't want to). stuff like mother or vectis is awful because 90% of the relevant damage is magic and you just can't do anything about it past your base tankiness. their self healing is also less relevant since you have 3-6 healers to take care of you and your hp is constantly jumping from high to low instead of slowly draining and going back up

that's why i'm leveling one

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Fully understood.

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let's go

nice magic cat

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i can't tell if that's sarcasm

no nerds here

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Ok ok

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>i can't tell if that's sarcasm
No one will read that wall of text chingu

This hurts me.

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he wouldn't ask and then not read the response

i thought it might be an excessively nodding wendy situation

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I did.

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The seoyeon problem

>i thought it might be an excessively nodding wendy situation
Now dongsaeng, did you see said webm?

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