NPCs, the real big brain nibbas?

Have we not stopped for a second and thought that perhaps an internal monologue is associated with lower intelligence? Perhaps thinking quickly in abstract ways that are not internal monologues are a sign of higher intelligence, whereas people who think slowly in internal monologues may have lower intelligence, and perhaps slower processing speeds? It would explain why so few UNIVERSITY STUDENTS had an internal monologue, and even fewer have a consistent internal monologue. Anyway, that is just something that occurred to me, I don't really have a dog in the fight because I sometimes have an internal monologue and sometimes don't, it depends on what I'm thinking about.

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ofc a bongaloid would think this
fucking chavs


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OP you can type niggas and it won't block it here like everywhere else.

What book is this from?

I mean, the excerpt.

No idea, stole it from Twitter. It has great triggering potential within all NPC threads.

Going to save it, not because I have anything against the idea that perhaps people who don't have an internal monologue are unintelligent, but because I think I'm going to.

Just means you have optimized the CPU to do your tasks more quickly. Agreed this could even be compared with autistic kids that can only do math or some other unidimensional talent. My question is why not push the meme so that NPCs at least learn the other abilities?

>ask friend what he thinks of the weather
>"I hear it's going to rain on the weekend"
>ask friend what he thinks about the continual degeneration of our society and moral values
>"I hear it's going to rain on the weekend"

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Insect Mindset by Chang-Su Kikeovich

What do NPC's dream about?

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Electric sheep.

Of course a burger would immediately dismiss any sentence starting with
>Have we not stopped for a second and thought that perhaps

Depends on the nature of your internal monologue, if it's underlined by worriness and fear then it's a shit monologue, if it's inspiration all and contemplative then it's fine.

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Well I don't know if I'm considered an NPC but I dream about shooting people, journalists, politicians, immigrants, degenerates, niggers, fags, feminists. Not that I would ever do any of this, but I have had a lot of dreams like this lately, I also have a lot of dreams involving my penis, once in maybe a year or two I'll have a lucid dream, sometimes I dream about debating people, Sometimes it is just a mess of me speaking to people and then jumping into different universes, getting chased and then almost dying in such away that it startles me and I flinch and wake up. Is this normal?

I wonder if this is why we see accomplished people in intellectual fields believing obvious untruths and falling for simple subversion. Do the most efficient thought processes in terms of raw processing power forego the examination of one's own thoughts?

fucking kek

Being accomplished in one field =/= being an universally competent thinker

Sounds like a healthy dreamer with an unhealthy fear of degenerates.

Sure, sounds like you have a personal beef against this propaganda that is fed down all of our throats, violence is part of our problem solving legacy. Your subconscious is just reminding you that those that live by the sword tend to die from it. It's probably not worth it but then again... only you can make that call. Violence is a shit legacy to leave though plenty of people that weren't even involved tend to get caught in between all the bullshit. Those cycles are hard to end.

But why, if the field you're accomplished in requires a high IQ? This conundrum has always puzzled and fascinated me.

Yeah, processing power is completely focused on the problem in front of them. They don't question what the solution of the problem will create in the world or how it can be used by those that have their ambitions set on dumb games and prices

No, this is NN Taleb. I generally like what his writing a lot, but this excerpt is literal postmodern garbage.

It's so silly I'd like to think it's a joke by design. The point is that arguments based on the definitions of individual words are nonsensical, which is true. We refer to it as (((pilpul))) here. But the excerpt itself is also literally pilpul.

Any word you think about is at the same time also a symbol, an object, a concept, an image, a construct, and an impression. He's arguing against thinking in word definitions by thinking in word definitions.

Doesn't look like anything to me.

primitive shit. Sex, eating, being late for class/work, etc.

we can think both abstractly and with inner monologue, you dunce

Oscar wylde

That's subtle and great.

I am not disgusted by degenerates but I view them as filth that need to be removed. Most of these dreams of me shooting people are with a lee Enfield rifle with me just walking around a very post modern office just gunning down very hipsterish looking people, l always think of it as a media station for some reason. I just keep walking around shooting and bolting, shooting and bolting, and then shoving clips into the rifle and continuing until I gradually work my way up a staircase until I reach the top floor, I think I got it from "They Live" or something. It just feels like a moment where I'm in control and I'm just for once in my life precise, flawless, quick. Again, I would never do it, but it is a very interesting dream, one of my more common interesting dreams.

I have internal monologue, but when I am programming it is quiet. It seems like it gets more active when my mind is not otherwise occupied.

Well why are many people with high IQ losers? Because IQ does not explain much. Highly succesful people of a specific niche may not have much interest beyond their respective field, thus guaranteeing that they never become competent in anything else than what they enjoy doing. Most of Jow Forums consists of people who innately are curious and analytic about everything and anything, making us less likely to be a master of one instead of jack of all trades. It's a whole different mindset. The top players of any niche have to maintain a certain level of tunnel vision in order to get there.

t. NPC
If you aren't musing and thinking through layered issues as you go about your day you are an NPC.
Youre just waiting for external stimulus to move you in a particular direction, like a common animal.

It was like this when I was doing GCSE Maths, when I wasn't doing maths my internal monologue was very active but when I was doing maths it was a serene, just me sticking things together in my mind, probably why I got an A.

How does one know if they are an npc?


I only dream about getting bullied in high school and i'm 27. Why is my subconcious still busy with this, i never actively think about my high school days, in fact i can hardly recall what happened during those years. (Guess that makes me an npc?)

I think you answered it yourself:

>i never actively think about my high school days

perhaps you should.

NPC video from August:

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No because of this.

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Does this mean if I’m wondering whether or not I’m an NPC, considering evidence for and against, it’s likely that I’m not an NPC.

Also, how does one tell if others are NPCs?

Is Joe Rogan an NPC?

Isn’t recycling someone else’s work one of the most NPC things a person can do?

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Nonstop internal monolog seems like a stepping stone to schizophrenia. This site harbors many pre and full blown schizoids.

If you are concerned whether or not you are an NPC, you likely are not. An NPC would either instantly decide that he is not an NPC, or disregard the whole question as stupid.

I think it is a parody of the meme.

The original one destroys the zoomers pushing this failed NPC meme.

I was just chatting with an eminent psychologist who said only about 10% of people have an internal conversation and are thus self aware. He thought the NPC theory interesting but implausible.

I agree - in the very least it's highly neurotic. A healthy man should be able to exercise some control over his own mind. If you need a silent mind for some purpose, you should be able to achieve it. Your mind is the horse, not the rider.

SEEMS like? Thanks doc.

Could you have a look at this boil on my ass too?

XKCD is cancer

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Well what does he view the other 90% as, if he admits that they are not self aware?

Canned responses is my current NPC indicator
>livin the dream
>another day, hows the weather?

No, existential questions are not enough to indicate NPChood, you have to be able to think back and remember when you’ve thought about something without prompting. i.e. youre at work and you complete a checklist or think “i really need to get these done, but this cant happen until this is done because this”
If you “think these things out loud” you’re an NPC

No, that’s pointing out the obvious and posting links to a comic we’ve all seen 1000 times, as if you were some sort of bot.

Taleb is a charlatan that's targeting other charlatans.

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Just an observation chill out schizo

I dont know if rogan is an NPC, from what I see on his show, he easily could be, but I think his schtick is to be NPC friendly.
His redpills about opium farms and us troops guarding them and his friendship with alex jones tells me he is not an NPC.
However bluepilled leftists and red pilled fascists are both equally able to be NPC, most of Nazi germany was NPC just most of colonial America during the revolution was NPC

I just don’t go on Jow Forums much I guess.

My internal monologue is constant and I think the NPC thing is dumb.

>ITT introverts discussing whether or not non-introverts are actually people.
Jow Forums thread of the year guys

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Shut the fuck up NPC