Why do Finns always stand so far apart from other people?

Will a black hole form if they don't?

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why do americans talk to random strangers

Because there's no such thing in America.

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Why are Americans so god damn fat? It's free to walk an hour a day

>it's free to walk an hour a day
You can walk that long outside in Norway without getting shot, beaten up, or stabbed?


Sweden have explosions aka terror, britten with the stabbing part pretty sure you only get shot in Mericas schools

How's it living? Is it true that you cut your milk?

fuck i confused you with greenland

I've been fat all my life, including early childhood. It's much more difficult to lose fat compared to if someone who's been fit all their life gained a few pounds from inactivity and decided to shed them off.

So then i wanns blame your parents neglect. Damn annon try an hour of walking a day and some sit ups, jumping jacks and back exercises i promis that after a year og doing it every day you will look like a top model and get and the pussy or ass that you want :)

Just burn more caloris then you take in

wtf how is fat even real like just stop eating

How do you not get attacked all the time?

No. If two finns collide it will cause a nuclear explosion.

collective trauma

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I wish people here did that, niggers and pajeets have no concept of personal space


Don't forget fat jews.