Anti germanic-nord, super Med pride thread

Anti germanic-nord, super Med pride thread.

Mediterraneans are the greatest people to ever be.

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How can snowniggers even compete?

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Divide and conquer agenda, split the Euro whites. Wonder what tribe you are

history is the work of mediterranean europeans period. if germanics were so great they wouldn't be the most cucked of all

Meme flags were a mistake.

yes they were

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Half Portuguese irish and Anglo mixed mastermutt reporting in.

no such thing

Fuck off shill

Is it 500 BC? No? Well then, Mediterraneans aren't the greatest race anymore.

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first time noticing that sweden looks like a floppy benis

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Portuguse are Spaniards by definition

Nigga, the blackening has been happening throughout all of human history, it's a universal phenomenon of the white people being naive. Ancient Greeks and Romans had their fair share of racemixers and cucks.

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stop with this stupid alternating threads
"meds" and "nords" don't exist

Children, please.


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>Vikings bring home war booty from their enemies
>niggers steal from their co-patriots in a civil setting

So warriors are the same as thieves now?

Kys kike. We see through your divide and conquer bullshit.

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ooh look another bash the german tread

>Mediterraneans are the greatest people to ever be
and yet they got infiltraded by jews and ruined everything while blaming the german people for everything

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t.mohammad al sahan

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ooh look another idiot thinking these whiter than you insults still mean something

how are your statues doing you piece of shit larping faggot?

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opinion discarded

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>memeflag(probably hiding a mutt)
every. single. time

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I dont buy into bashing white people.

>t.spic who thinks hes a med because hes a brown hair/eye mongrel

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Crawl back into your hole jew

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usa isn't even a country lol, just a collection of states hold together by debt and circumcision
piss off and show your real flag on your way out you little puny spic of nothing

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>hold together by debt and circumcision
wew lad

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