Depressed boi

I am trying to distract myself, so ask me anything Jow Forums

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How does it feel like living in former soviet union?

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what are your political views

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Do you think humanity has a future in this galaxy?

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why are you such a horrible terrible blogposting faggot

It feels like a bunch of potential was wasted. Also, quite normal, if you want something specific, ask away!

what are you trying to distract yourself from, you horrible terrible blogposting faggot

Libertarian. Freedom for the people and the market

Did you both vote Putin?

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it hurts really bad

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does the russbro public have any strong opinions about the rest of us yuropoors

It has A future, but Im not sure how long that will last or if it's the future we would like

Shit, dude, I came out of my mom's vigina that way.


The daily grind

No, fuck that guy

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Yeah, you have shit figured out. Thats basicly it

thats right

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do you like butts?

Oh hell yeah

Male butts?

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Oh shit you caught a russian faggot

wtf. Even tho I love this place we have plenty of problems. Any recommendations which city to go to if I wanted to visit you guys

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Depends on what do you want to see. Want some black sea and tons of sun? Visit any city near Sochi (the place itself is a shithole, but it might be frendlier to tourists). Want some culture? St. Petersburg. Wanna be basic? Visit Moscow.

I prefer culture desu. Visiting landmark buildings, eating at smol local restaurants, exploring cities that kind of stuff. I'll keep it in mind

R a r e
nigga i just wanted to post the EXACT SAME IMAGE

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came to Yakutia to meet the op buddy

what a coincidence

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That means ur gae :D

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sjw homo? oh boy we hit the bottom

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u r a pidor, ponyal blya

no u also how the things in Yakutia?

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I dont fucking know, Im from Chelyabinsk yakutia is like 3 belgiums away from me

okay pedik why are ya so rude did your bf left you for chechen?

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Too soon, man, too soon

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imagine living as a gay """"""""""""""""male""""""""""""""""""""""""""" in chelyabinsk out of all places lmao

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>Not having large swaths of empty land

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Are you homosex? :DDDD

yes all the homos

shame on you,basedboy

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Do you drink a lot of vodka, kamrad?

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The more I drink, the more I like it. But, not really, I spend all of my paycheck on cheap ass beer to get hammered more slowly

>living as a depressed homosexual man in the urals

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Tried the noose, fell down and then made some tea. 7/10 would try again

Hono alcoholic? We reached the point that was unacceptable

hey dude if weed didnt cost like 1500 rubles per gramm id hit that shut real hard

Replycucked faggot

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oh no wheres that noose again

Is russian bussy good? :D

im all about that boypussy and there are no fuckin basedboys here so its really vood my man

Basedboys*, goddamn this piece of shit phone

Ah well fuck you too Jow Forums

Poor fella just join army and you will have aa much sex as you want

Hah, the boyz there are DREAMING about my dick so fuck gotta cuck them

21 francs does that shit cost (around 20 euros or 22 dollars)?
I get my weed for around 8 dollars per gram

Is it actually a big deal being gay? Like you don't sound like the kind of guy that "looks" gay but still do you have to like be careful of the shit you say or something

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Okay homo goodbye

Yeah, sounds about right, and then consider the fucking salary around 20000 rubles.
Fuck man, poverty is the best anti-drug compaign this shithole ever done

become drug dealer lol

Yes, I am gay. I look irl like a nazi, because thats the last thing you expect - a gay nazi. I dont talk about it with people I just met, only to a close group of friends

Buy alcohol like everyone else you nigger

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I think you will have good opportunities for doing buttstuffs in the army.

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Fuck you too my tovarisch

Nah, drug lords here work closely with police - they hire new dealers and after 2 months surrender them to police so that the statistics are looking good

Yeah, thats my plan

Why me? I don't wanna

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I have a riddle for you: what is white in the morning and red in the evening?

Fuck, I dunno

*smacks in the back of the head*

Silence! You will do as you're told, suka. Now spread 'em ass cheeks some more.

Benis :D

Hello no im straight guy

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I dunno maybe u wear red shirt 2 work but then white shirt 2 bed

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Not inside the garrison you're not.

I wanna be upset, but the pepe ia just too good to be mad at

Luckily i have an asthma and will not go to the army

That's more like it

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To gulag with you then.

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Cmon suomi baby we always were United

Njet, Molotoff

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Cmon baby we are the same

And always will be, or Russia can become suomi

Finland will annex you when Mannerheim's reincarnation will be reborn soon.

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Not annex but reunite and become something much more stronger than ever before

We wuz the true heirs of Rome n shieeet

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I think you are reaching just a little bit too far up your ass on that one.

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So can we make an alliance?

Heh. I knew a guy like that once. I mean he wasn't really gay, he just liked fucking everything that moved. And he was an unironic skinhead. He was messed up in the head but really fun at parties

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Yeah, I have a straight friend who was an extreme nazi, untill I met him, now he's liberal if anything, but is still fucked up in a fun way

Liberals =nazi

Ha, a jealous swede. You know, even Rurik turned out to be a fingoloid?

Sure. But only with the condition that Niinistö be crowned as the czar of Russia.

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oh im sorry! i hope i can help you. what kind of music do you listen to?

shut up and fuck off

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Everything, basicly. My favourite band is Ninja Sex Party though

stop stalking me you creep! :(

Okay the world will fear us!!!!!!