Of love and fear, I fear not that I will die, but that the things I love will die with me

>Of love and fear, I fear not that I will die, but that the things I love will die with me


What is is about DBZ that made it a cultural juggernaut? What was it about this particular anime that rang true with generations of people across all boarders and countries?

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Hero's journey.

Niggers love this show.

goku is 100% good and virtueous but not in a stuck up cunty way like the assvengers

goku never wanted money he is a commie

Train hard, fight to the death, always show mercy.

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They love anything with violence

Jesus christ what a fucking shit dub and horrible music.


Dragonball Z without Bruce Faulconer music is not Dragonball Z.

TFS's SSJ2 was based on the Japanese version, the dub was made to be epic and the point of the emotional evolution from child to man was lost.

You're the one who missed the point.

>Jesus christ what a fucking shit dub and horrible music.

That's a parody series, moron

americans are savages for replacing the original japanese music

It's free of degeneracy, Roshi's antics aside. Goku or Vegeta don't have romantic or sex fueled plotlines like western shows. It's all about just getting stronger and doing the right thing. DBZ may be the most anti kike anime/cartoon in history.

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I'm tried, wasn't paying attention

Saiyans are angry all the time and scream and fight.
Kids have too much energy contained, I don't think that we reached the evolutionary point were their competitiveness and thirst for war has been tamed yet.
That's it. DBZ was violent and frenetic and about solving your problems with anger and destruction through super powers.

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That might be a pretty explanation now, but it doesn't cover how DBZ spred across the planet when we were in a healthy and safe 90's economy.

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>5 thousand bait threads
>I'm not allowed to talk about the politics of one of the most popular television shows on the ENTIRE PLANET

What the fucking ever.

Fuck the mod that moved this thread

Obviously he’s a kike

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Apparently the kike fears the sayian. Now we know.

To live like goku strikes fear into the heart of (((them)))

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Every single pol mod is a jewish cuckold. You should have expected this.

You know what, no, fuck this, I want to discuss the political applications DBZ has had on the world, I'm going to remake the thread and link every single other bait-topic on Jow Forums in it.

You guys have this wrong. Goku wasn't a hero that fought against evil for righteousness. Goku was pretty selfish and all he really cared about was having a good fight and becoming stronger.
He left his son and wife to train after leaving Namek, and again after dying to cell (when his wife was pregnant). He gave cell a senzu because he cared more about a fair fight than the fate of the whole world and his own son. He let Freeza power up to 100% instead of just killing him and helping everyone off the planet.
People give Goku too much credit as a hero.

Absolutely, when Super came out people were arguing for a WHILE about weather or not Goku's the "Bad guy" now.

It unironically made you think. The flighty whims of a single man nearly destroyed all of existence.

goku is literally a selfish dbag that doesn't care about his friends, his universe, or any other universe