Is not being able to control your emotions reflective of your intelligence?

Is not being able to control your emotions reflective of your intelligence?

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it's on a subjective basis but the dumbest people of all are complacent

What about people who can't control their anger, and get pissed off at everything?

some are retards
some are average
some are too aware and snap

it's subjective like i said. there are many many many many many many factors to behavior and emotions other than raw intelligence

You'll be very surprised by the results.

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True. I think many geniuses are eccentric (emotional), but some autists with no emotional capabilities are savants.
>In summary, our data suggests that not only IQ is fundamental to human cognitive control processes, but also points out the significance of exploring the influence of EI.
Nice conclusion(?).

i have a lot of emotions in my head but i think i control them pretty good

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>In summary, our data suggests that not only IQ is fundamental to human cognitive control processes, but also points out the significance of exploring the influence of EI
You're bad at reading bruh.
Since you're probably not reading all of it there's a correlation between high impulsivity, low IQ and low emotional control IE if you're low IQ you probably are impulsive and have poor EI (emotional intelligence).
Read the whole thing stop skimming for things you want to hear.

Sorry wrong greentext.
>In summary, data from our study provides evidence that people with higher IQs also resolve the interference Stroop tasks better. In the recent past, mounting evidence indicates that, although IQ is not reducible to interference, the ability to suppress interfering information is important to resolve tasks requiring abstract reasoning (IQ; Detterman and Daniel, 1989; Checa and Rueda, 2011; Duan and Shi, 2011; Rueda et al., 2012). Second, our data also shows a negative relation between EI abilities, specifically Managing Emotions, and impulsivity. Again, these data indicate that people who exhibit more emotion regulation are less impulsive when responding to cognitive tasks such as the Stroop task. We could consider this measure of impulsivity and Managing Emotions in EI as evaluating the same construct; emotional control that operates in “hot” situations but not reducible to each other. This negative relation between Managing Emotions in EI and impulsivity has to be replicated in future investigations using different samples.

I don't want to read it! I was going to read the conclusion, but they didn't even make one, so I just read the last sentence.

>I don't want to read it!
>I just read the last sentence
Yeah you're bad at reading and probably are a low IQ hothead.

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this is actually what I want to hear.

Yes. Smart people know better to prevent the awful consequences your feelings can bring.

Nah, my family was super emotional and I hate that.

>The sample is small. This problem limits the future performance
of further confirmatory analysis. The future studies have to
replicate the results in a larger sample in order to generalize
from a sample to the population.

>my family was super emotional
And that correlates to exactly? Do they mind control you to where you can't control yourself because they have some magical remote that controls your emotions?
Sounds to me like you're looking for excuses to why you have poor emotional intelligence and control but what do I know I just have a BA in Developmental Psych.

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>And that correlates to exactly
I said I hate super emotional people. I thought it would be logical to conclude that I would therefore not conduct myself that way.
Like most studies, though, it's a start.

I'm at least 456IQ and I can never ever get mad
try it

Put the guns down, and lets talk about this calmly.

you're gay

Oh definitely it's a small sample that requires more research. Even when you get into psych you notice there's a small correlation between IQ and EI but nothing is really conclusive. It's why you can't prop yourself up with it when trying to get a diagnosis or even writing a paper. There's multiple factors to IQ and EI that can't be boiled down into a simple battery of tests. Usually research like this is used to connect the dots so to speak between an individuals IQ and their emotional control but unfortunately it's up to the individual.
I'm high IQ and have high emotional control but I had a guy in my class in college who was in MENSA but always sperged out at the slightest provocation.
It's still interesting to see the data nonetheless.

Not him, but this made me mad.


is what I would have said, but i'm very very smart so no teehee ; )

Well yeah but the major point is, the test explicitly mentions it is unfit for use as a broad general statement. That doesn't mean it's not useful but that's always something you gotta keep in the back of your head

based you must watch a lot of rick and morty

>I thought it would be logical to conclude that I would therefore not conduct myself that way.
Not at all. In fact a lot of people who grow up in super emotional families become heavily emotional themselves. That's why I assumed you were trying to say that you hate that you're emotional because your family was emotional. I can't know for sure because we're online :^)
Do you worry you have more emotional control than is necessary? Wait better yet....what was the point of this thread when you could've googled this?

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Not only that

I watch Infowars

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>caring about iq at all
the absolute state of normie

true that.
I think psychology in general is hard to nail down, even with numbers/statistics, though, for the reasons Normie mentioned about it being up to the individual.
Are you doing pure math, or is your focus on stats?

>Wait better yet....what was the point of this thread when you could've googled this?
I like hearing Jow Forums's opinions (regardless of whether I agree with you guys or not), and in some ways it's like getting to have a discussion in real time.

I kinda want to get into psychology but this is the only reason why it seems a little bit illegitimate to me so Idk

dude you must be a libtard trolling machine
how many can you get assblasted a day

Good question. I actually have the option of joining a pure statistics major, and there's some new big data analysis project started by the EU which I could join. It's interesting because it's a very hot topic right now, what with all the facebook, cambridge analytica shit, and GDPR. But I kinda hate doing statistics desu so I might just go for the pure math. In reality I wanna finish as an AI major but that would require me to do an extra year

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But I still need to get my roast game like you, Belgium-senpai

Yeah, stats is super hot with all the big data hype. AI would be lots of fun, too. I can't speak too much on pure math, but I know a guy with a phd in pure math who got a job in signal processing despite having no experience in that. Whatever you do, lots of exciting things on the horizon.

Never said I cared. It's a mighty fine tool for pissing people off though and before you quote >I'm high IQ and have high emotional control
That's used in the context of a talking point to make the comparison of how someone can be high IQ but have poor emotional control and vice versa not to say that I care about it. When you go into psych. you have to take and administer IQ tests but I can tell you 100% they don't measure how smart you are just how quickly you can recognize patterns and learn shit.
I've watched physics kiddies get 110 on an IQ test but do formulas like stephan hawking. It's just a means for the psych community to gauge where your learning abilities are to determine if you're actually legit retarded or not. Other than that it's pointless.
>I like hearing Jow Forums's opinions
Fair enough. Jow Forums does have diverse opinions between the shit posting and trolls. Have at it fampai.
Oh and to your statement here >psychology in general is hard to nail down
It is an incredibly cluster fucked field where I can tell you we're kinda making shit up as we go along. Psychology pretty much comes down to conscious awareness and unconscious behavior trying to focus more on the why of the behavior and the what can you do for awareness.
John smokes 17 cigarettes a day.
John comes from a broken family of smokers.
John had his first cigarette when he was 13.
He now wants to quit but finds it too hard.
John is later identified with having borderline personality disorder and chronic depression.
John needs to go to therapy to become consciously aware of why he is smoking which is to self medicate and how he can change his behavior to deal with the real problem of his depression and habitual trauma in life.
We recommend him DBT and a battery of medications to help him get through it all.
Other than trying to curb the behavior and make people aware we don't know what the fuck we're doing.

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>Other than trying to curb the behavior and make people aware we don't know what the fuck we're doing.
we're all just doing our best.

It's all about rehashing ameri jokes my friend
It's a deep deep well of tears that never runs dry
Oh yeah we get a bit of signal proc from a theoretical point of view
Idk at the end of the day I'm still just an autist with a severe authority problem
I'm gonna have to find a way to make money being my own boss some day or I'm gonna anhero

I see, master. I will train hard!

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Sometimes. It depends on the mood, and if I'm not too tired to process walls of text.

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I don't know. The Chinamen are smart people but they lack empathy and are very selfish, ironic since they are communists supposedly.

>empathy and are very selfish

>walls of text
Is that a bad thing?

No, but sometimes I just wanna funpost. Like I said, it depends on the mood.

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>Asian drivers

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I thought this wasn't Jow Forums

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I thought this was reddit tbeych fampai.

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>What's with all the hate?
one word: Jow Forums. It became r*ddit, and Jow Forums raids the rest of Jow Forums.

Yes but why is reddit bad outside of the user base? I don't understand and have no need for another forum.

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