Post the most Redpilled Artists you know

Post the most Redpilled Artists you know.

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Oh, forgot these guys, Havok is based and redpilled to the max

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>Most redpilled artists
I gotcha Österreich

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Mustaine is based?


I love Phil, he is rich and famous and was in one of the biggest bands in history.
Chad guy.
Here is another pic.

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Haha kek

He had a cult in the 90s that recruited pre-teen girls from the venice strip, convinced them to go off to the woods in tennessee and they were never seen again.

Fuck yeah he is, just listen to his songs. Literally calls out CIA for funding Al-Qaeda

a little adlib from new level in korea 2001

countdown to extinction is quite possibly the most based metal album of the 90s

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Joy Divisions first Ep cover, the band was in love with the 3rd Reich art and aesthetics.
They dressed up like brown shirts and where among the favorite bands of the early skin head movements.
The always said that they aren't Nazis, but made songs about them and fucked with the MSM music magazines.
The singer and the guitar player where pretty Redpilled.

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Terrible musicians tho'

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Just listen to him

Well i actually meant mainstream artists that like Phil Anselmo didn't give a fuck and showed their power levels.

born again faggot

Phil's voice now is shot but go back and listen to the Pantera album called Power Metal or CFH. He had incredible vocals and vocal range.

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Mr. Bond

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you can hear the change on Far Beyond Driven when he started taking heroin

Nevermind, misunderstood your post, thought you were talking about Phil and the boys

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Here is a pic of them.
After the singer died the guitar player ended up being the singer and made the group New Order with his old band mates.

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@3:15 - fuckin' a

Hahaha Bones, wouldn't expect to see him here, all his friends are black

Bones is a good friend of MDE, especially with Charlls.

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>Don't call me your brother
>Cuz I ain't your fuckin' brother
>We fell from different cunts
>And your skin, your skin's an ugly colour

>A pedophile Holly Wood Jew

Indeed like the boss says it is a Witch hunt!

Wasn't he best friends with Anselmo?

I like Elton John because he is literally so redpilled. Loves cock and young boys. Great fashion sense.

yous thinks pedo ? I always felt this particular self-loathing jew was on our side after he helped the glowie niggers film the moon

ah well

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Manolo you are a faggot

By their last couple years, Phil wasn't even attempting clean singing anymore. Late Pantera was brutal

Lars Von Trier is the only movie maker that is open about his believes.

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Here's the song he talks about Big Brother and "Al-CIA-da"

And here's a personal favorite that shit's on the UN

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saw them in 2001 and phil was off his face he was laying down for a bunch of songs

no clue

Here is the video, it's quiet funny.

Go to 1:40 to hear him say that, the cucks are shocked.

Billy's /ourguy/

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>I'm sorry guys for saying something racist plss forgive me waaah

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And here is the most fascist (i mean it positively) mainstream video i know of.

The Fed and the Bankers own all the politicians May I introduce you to the sons of perdition? Replace the dictators Washington appointed The Devil Messiahs and the dangerously disappointed

It's funny how Mustaine went under the radar when he's so blatant

He always does it to save his shekels, but a couple months later does it again.
Phil is nice

i miss this edgelord

Didn't he say he saw shapeshifters in Hollyjew?

"Powers that be will never win, a storm is coming get ready"

Queue Trump

lol. Degenerate faggot

he had a video of the song 99 ways to die that was pure anti gun propaganda but now he is pro gun and anti obama

Here another guy

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Mustaine is a cunt who goes through band members like tampons

how is that redpilled


Rust in Peace is the only good Megadeth album and it's because he lucked out getting Marty in the band

It isn't

We know what this song is really about

This is probably their most Redpilled mainstream song, Phil is also doing a White Power greeting in the video.

Born again faggot, found out he was a Jew and now supports Israel

hahah really the ginger is a Jew?

The one true answer

good friends. you can find on hooktube Phil singing Kill All The White People with them live

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That was done by a Jew, it's his way of saying white culture is dying

Peace Sells is musically superior

He found out on his mother's deathbed. He embraced it. Guy's cool but he's a Zio-cuck

not even close

lol i see what you did there

Poland > Friedman. Good Mourning/Black Friday is fucking beautiful.


Phil was like a father to me growing up. R.I.P. DIMEBAG

Nah he just uses it like most Jews who like the aesthetics.
He also made a video showing Niggers as animal sub humans

Oh boy, or more like Oy Vey.


AWB baby, South African White Power

I will spread this album until I die. Based as fuck, and this is before heavy metal degenerated with ridiculous black and death metal and all of that.

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Chris Cornell..... he realized how loathsome whiny radical Marxists who wank about white privilege are so decided to wipe one out.

He's great but he's just a redneck really

Oh ok didn't know that

Phil is probably the only big musician who you can chill out with, and everybody in the business knows him as a funny racist.


He wasn't a pedo. And he wasn't "Hollywood" for most of his career. He escaped to rural England so his family wouldn't get corrupted (didn't work).

>"this dude who was selling acid and speed at a Morbid Angel show back in 95 trust me this guy wouldn't lie man"

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Start planting trees

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Here is the video

Niggas being potrait as Niggas

>a jew is vargposting
absolute pottery


Varg is /ourhippy