How often do you talk to yourself /bant?

How often do you talk to yourself /bant?
I do it all the time at work

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I imagine I'm with a cute foxgirl with big tiddies and I talk to her
out loud

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no furries

i never speak to myself as it shows weakness and mental illness.

That's not furry you dumb kiwi

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Zero because I am an NPC

Dumb Canadian furry

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never beaucse im not retarded lol

But I just came here to talk about my love for cute foxgrills
don't be mean : (

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pretty much all the time desu I have a lot of internal monologue

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I was just asserting my dominance, you can keep posting foxgrils

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I meant aloud desu

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oh ok cool den
And ye I also talk to me in my head a lot
all the time
and the voice inside my head doesn't sound like mine

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almost never then lol

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my head voice doesn't really sound like mine either


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Is it deeper or higher pitch

I can make my inner monologue sound however but it defaults to my voice
I meant talk out loud though lole

It's not unusual to though right??

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And sometimes I try to make his shut up
but I can't, he keeps talking and interrupting me.

I talk aloud to myself, as I said.

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Oh yes the fox girl impersonation
Do you own any tails or ears?

I might be mentally deranged, but I'm not that much of a degenerate

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well that's pretty gay, should at least make an effort to match the looks with the voice

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I want to wear a cat girl outfit an then have a nice woman take care of me as her pet

I don't match the voice you dummy, I don't play the girl

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this seems out of character

Oh I thought you said I imagine I'm a cute foxgirl with big tiddies, you should try doing that

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Only for like 1 hour a week

Hell nah, I'm still a guy. I Imagine I'm with one.
It's just ever so slightly less sad
I also like to punch myself sometimes, and bash my head into walls. It's kind of funny

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thats gay.

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you're gay

sometimes when I'm playing video games I'll make witty remarks and pretend I have friends over or I'm livestreaming and everyone thought it was funny

That sounds like a riot tbqh, you should film it and upload it to youtube

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Stop copying me!

No thank you, I have to look serious on the outside

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>you're gay

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reply to that post, gay

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Yes well anyway thanks for all the fox girl pics, the last two are pretty good

OK home

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I think higher
hi logan how are u doing
nah it's not weird just a way to organize your thoughts. I'm sure a lot of people do it.
um are you sure it's not schizophrenia
same tbqhdesu

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good now I'll wait one day and have a witty image in response

too bad, i already have an ace up my sleeve to trump your witty response into dust :)

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Your wellcome : ^ )

I don't think so, I think I must have a hyperactive mind or something: whenver I have a train of thought going on, my brain picks up on anything surrounding me and switches my monologue to that instead. It's kind of annoying. So sometimes I tell my brain to fuck off and go back to the first idea. But sometime it doesn't comply.

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it's not organizational, it's just babbling on about whatever comes to mind unfortunately

yeah well I have nothing up my sleeve so get f*ckt

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I do it more than I'd like to admit. It helps me think. In fact, when I was reading over my post, I just whispered part of it back to myself to make sure I didn't make any grammatical mistakes.

My internal voice just sounds like my voice unless I willingly change it. Usually when I'm masterbating

o I see. yeah it doesn't really sound like schizophrenia.
sounds kinda cute lol no homo
now that I think about it mine doesn't sound that different from my voice when I'm talking but if I record my voice and play it back it sounds different from how I hear it

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That's because when you hear a recording of your voice, you don't hear the resonance in your own head, so your voice usually sounds higher pitched and annoying.
The opposite happens with mine tho: it sounds deeper when I record and hear it, and the voice inside my head doesn't even have the same accent as mine.

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mine's the opposite too, it sounds deeper when I record it

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post vocaroo

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ok hang on

Danke bester Junge

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I talk to myself in my head what does that mean


all day

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Only if I can feel myself going crazy

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nvm i can't do it

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my mom's home and i don't want her to think i'm talking to strangers lol

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relatable trips


Oh I see. I dunno, just act like you're talking to someone online.

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It's not normal. You should try meditation or something. Relax your mind with it.

Who dis big tiddy kot girll

idk they don't really like me talking to people on the internet sorry dude

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And I thought I was the weird one

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