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> capitalists will defend this

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Looks,like an efficient use of land resources to me.

It looks nice. Where is it?

My only question is, if I move there will I live around niggers?

oh no! everybody has their own house and garden. how can people live this way?

is that New LA?

Looks like an ideal place to land and raid for anything other than food and water after the collapse.

>definitely deserted
>probably fuckloads of weaponry
>long straight roads for the airplane


probably a bunch of rural and suburban retards

ya im not seeing a problem , looks nice

looks comfy desu

imagine going for a walk in the desert right outside your house

Rural and suburban retards.

By the sage early night

There is nothing wrong with efficient housing at the cost of aesthetic. The only problem with this is that it looks like Arizona which was not meant to house a dense population and ends up consuming too many resources. If this exact grid was placed somewhere in the Midwest or coasts where water is easier to access then it would be fine.

Wow,they are digging out the old bot posts again. Haven't seen this one in about 4 months. SAGE this shit.

looks like a pretty relaxing place

but it also looks like the place where a CEREAL KILLER would live!!!!

The best part of capitalism is that weaker
inferior nations and nigger third world people
are forced to learn english
in order to survive.

I dont get it...like an apartment block is any better than that? At least you have space.

Oh no, just live on commieblocks, goyim, you can't have your own house, remember, people are dying in Africa!

Probably Nevada. Very low taxes out there.

a lot of these tract housing communities wind up getting abandoned by the rich middle class people living there and going to section 8 welfare niggers. has happened to several communities here in dallas. in fact the realtor my wife and i met with when looking around showed us a really nice house but indirectly hinted that the surrounding homeowners might not be desirable. upon closer inspection you could tell they were letting their houses rot.
and these are fucking nice houses too, in most cases running 250 to 400k, just being given to niggers to let rot, driving the whole neighborhoods property values into the toilet.

Yes, it does actually. Did you know that housing was considered a right in the Soviet Bloc?
And the way they did this was by creating huge towerblocks of shit-tier housing where everyone was miserable and could keep an eye and ear on everyone else.


close up of the sign in front.

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>this thread again
Reminder that the report button exists for a reason.

no dogs seems like a step in opposite direction

There’s no culture or sense of community in a place like this. It’s entirely artificial and 100% motivated by consumerism and profit.

There’s no spirit or soul. You think any great artists or musicians would ever come out of a place like this?

Despite big cities being pits of degeneracy at least some still have shreds of humanity left.

Visiting historical cultural centers like Montreal and Quebec City really changed my point of view on this subject.

Way too much promiscuity. My doggo would get depressed if I lived there.
Pic related looks like what I own. Mine is smaller ofc.

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Las Vegas, they have hundreds of suburbs that look identical to this. It's completely unsustainable though.

> no landmarks
> no history
> no nature of any noteworthiness
> no traditional architecture


Where would people raise families then?

look if it means i can move out of my apartment and into a house i could care less about its spirit or soul

>100% motivated by consumerism and profit.
No It's motivated by whiteoids wanting to get away from niggers.

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>Urban Indebted Masters Degree Baristas will attack this.

>Wanting to manufacture historical significance
>muh urban center that some one made relevant
Did you ever think to yourself that those historic urban neighborhoods with row upon row of browstones, bugalos, or grey stone three flats all started like your picture above?

Is there even one fucking store in there ?

And no playgrounds either, where the fuck do the children socialize?

The greatest comedian came from a place of despair and pain. I would say most of the best "artists" would be driven by something unpleasant, and posit a fully comfortable, happy person is less likely to produce great emotion-producing pieces.

Are pic related the "leaders"?

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This, capitalist is BASED. Capitalism celebrates human culture, because capitalism is an expression of human nature. Competition, the ability to own a house or car, the ability to have a family, and work. Things non-Americans will never understand. Capitalism allowed Western civilization to be as great as it is.

Suburban sprawl is the most jewish thing ever forced on this once great land

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why will people eventually flee?

>thriving civilization in barren desert
capitalist exploitation

know the difference.

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Looks nice and orderly. Communist utopia would be run down apartment blocks. This is fascist approved.

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This looks like what I make when I play Simcity

We are living in a country where 10s of millions illegal immigrants are living and working just fine without speaking a word of English, the fuck are you talking about. It's capitalists that love foreign slave labor and import third world shitskins

You should build them directly like this and BZZZZT all day

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A shame because traditional American architecture is some of the comfiest on the planet.

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Only commies care about community and muh collective. Real Americans are individualistic. And what's wrong with profit or consumerism, they reflect efficiency that capitalism provides. These are typical marxist buzzwords.

Fuck off commie, go back to your city

this is how it should be

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Agreed. Why is OP so desperate for attention?

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WHERE DOES PEOPLE MEET?!?! What the fuck happened to the community squares...

Lawns in the fucking desert is the least efficient thing you could imagine

nobody meets, they would miss their TV shows

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Apparently wanting to return to pre-WWII American urban planning and actually providing communities for white people to socialize and not isolate themselves with vidya and Shlomo's latest pornhub releases makes you a commie. And I thought Boomer faggots couldn't get any worse.

Pic related, where actual humans want to live

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At the mall, you commie cuck


>first flee nigs
>then flee kids
It is probably a retirement community. Like a 55 and over. A lot in Nevada because they want less taxes in retirement.

making earth our bitch for over 10,000 years

Nothing wrong with these.

It's not here. It's a suburb between LA and Vegas on the cali side. 2 hours from either city.

OST: youtube.com/watch?v=2_2lGkEU4Xs

Why does Americans always get salty when you talk about McMansions. I even try to tell you guys about your amazing past architecture and everyone goes

"Uuuuuh fucking commies I wanna live in my SpicMansion Freeeeedoooms"

Why would you want to meet a mutt? :DDD

>You think any great artists or musicians would ever come out of a place like this?
why not?

why does it have to be grids?

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not a surprise coming from templar scum. we're on to you swissy


is this before or after the war?

Some based Americans here but many don't realize that soulless, rootless architecture like in OP's pic is a strong contributing factor to the weakening of white identity.

The only problem is the electric bill due run the AC 24/7.

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If the pic you posted wasnt titled German town I would think it was any town in Mississippi.

We use grids in the desert so any brainlet can navigate across town.

>t. retard who should definitely not be a civil engineer when he grows up

>using poorfag pride to hide his self-loathing

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Your pic is better out the 3 but the other two are fine, own home...not a flat/apartment and a wee garden to call your own.

Find "community" at work and stop being a lazy unemployed commie. No American citizen is going to want a commie to raise their taxes to pay for such a thing.

I'm working hard to figure out how to make those people realize that what we used to have was awesome and why what we have now sucks ass. They are very stubborn and I can't really figure out why. I think most of them have never experienced anything outside of suburbia except maybe a downtown city area filled with nigs so they're under the impression that those are the only two options.

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>having an unlimited playground right outside your door

Oh no how terrible!

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Also the insanely inefficient water usage from those lawns in the desert. No wonder water shortages is a regular thing.

>Wanted to not live next to niggers is consumerism and profit
>Living like sardines in ugly buildings so landlords can profit is culture and art


No, the reason it's grids is because it's a mass produced, consumerist product


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Don't embrace fake identities provided to you by low cost spic workers and contractors.

>not a single nigger in sight
Sign me up boiz

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It's because cars are the primary modes of transportation, stop making stupid meme arguments about muh consumerism, did you just have babby's first lecture on communism in college or something?

Houses in pic lack lawns, cucklock holmes

Sadly there are some commies but still looks good

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We already pay out the ass for massive sprawling infrastructure so you lazy boomers can have your shitty McMansions built by illegal labor. The strip mall hellscape you've given us is absolutely unsustainable and is a major contributing factor as to why everyone is fucking miserable here.

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Last one needs to say
>no faggots

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I havn't seen a shitskin construction worker for about a year now.

nobody wants to live this way brainlet

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A bunch of houses with the same floor plan, it's a Shoah

>It looks nice

Soulless and serialized and has the whole Agenda 21 vibe to it.

The worst part is re-urbanization.

>Virtually all white collar jobs are focused in city centers
>Because of boomer tier suburban sprawl the vast majority of housing is in the suburbs
>Housing in the suburbs is laughably zoned meaning you can't reasonably live near where you work, shop, and relax
>The vast majority of housing in cities is ridiculously overpriced due to the sudden influx, housing being built in the suburbs, the decline of public transportation, and niggers generally being unpleasant to be around
>Commuting has become laughably bad due to the population shift, lack of infrastructure, and suddenly importing a shit ton of foreigners

Seriously, I work right now in DC and if I want an affordable two bedroom or to buy a house I need to commute 3 hours a day.

ant tier

>come home white man

Last time I went to Dallas all I saw was indians and muslims living in the suburbs


so beautiful with green open space.

Clearly they do or else they wouldn't be living there. And that doesn't explain why it's capitalism at all, it's a picture of a neighborhood and another ad hom