Hey lads

Hey lads

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Where'd you get this pic of my bf

My nuts fuckin hurt

For related reasons?


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Fuck You

Ligma balls

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I hate you

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No I don’t

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I’m American

I’m not Jewish

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Ok maybe kinda true

Reimu is hot

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Shut up

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Fuck off Randy

So I hear you like to be thumbed idiot


Nuh huh

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Well rumor has it not to trust you

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>like anyone will take the advice of a namefag

What did the beaver say to the tree?
It's been nice gnawing you

Shut up nerd

Mom it's fortnite hours

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Stop posting anime

Ok buddy

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Stop posting anime

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2hu isn't anime you dip

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>namefag that still uses “Triggered” meme. It’s time for bed, gramps

>looks like anime
>is anime

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>he thinks touhou is anime just because it looks like anime

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>posts sad pictures of himself for attention.

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>is in denial that tohoo is anime

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>still likes filthyfrank
Guess I was wrong. You’re a high schooler.

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>also likes Seth McFarlan

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Shut up anime nerd

If you don't wanna fug 2hus you are the big gay

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>not wanting to fuck underage anime makes me gay
Then I am very gay

>also likes anime


I also love your moms pussy XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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I’m not clicking on that anime nerd

You never met my mom

Go tell her I said hi


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You never met her I know because she knows karate

>has to steal a namefag’s unoriginal joke literally just to cope with being undone.

Guess who taught her?
Me and my penis.

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At least i don't have ligma

No she was taught by great Chinese masters

>was btfo’d so hard he couldn’t even come up with a comeback to a comment making fun of husband lack of comebacks

That's what she calls my dick.
His name is hung low.

No she was taught by someone else.

t. Has ligma
Kys yourself famalampai


>when you don't have a comeback
Ebin benis

She is a very skill at the act of double penetration. She really knows how to give a final blow.

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No don’t say that

Ever wonder why the music is so loud in your moms room.

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She listens to quiet piano and coffeehouse music

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This is an A-B conversation. I don’t recall calling any kind of C to get involved.

Ran out of marital

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>implying you ever had material, namefag


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I'm the one who plays the piano music for your mom because I'm a pianist

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Oh can you now? What music?

Jow Forums is anime then

shostakovich Piano Concerto no. 1

Erik Satie - Once Upon A Time In Paris

Debussy, Satie, Faure, Ravel, Saint Saens

Chopin - Nocturne op.9 No.2

Lol this kid is so scared about insulting people that he is quoting his own insults to make it look like it isn't him doing it

Nope. She listens to the new stuff

So when are you going to move out and live on your own?

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Lol I’m in a college dorm

Go study

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Lol I overslept through a class yesterday. Feels bad

Which class

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Early Brit Lit

Your not that fucked

It was the third class I slept through this week

Not the same class three different classes. Two with the same professor

You're going to get a C at best, if you keep this up.

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I know :(
That is what happened last semester

Stop wasting time here and start studying. Read ahead, wright down notes and whatnot.

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Well that’s not the issue. All my work is done and I have good grades. It’s just the feeling of truancy.


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Yeah I went home from a Hamlet play at like 2:00 am and forgot to set the alarm the night before.