Chat with another high person

Any else super high and want to talk about it all

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like in this thread?

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What's up my fellow policeman. how do you do?

hah, not today my dude, not today...

i forgot to do this...

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Would k2 brownies be any good

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dude, k2 is shit and will fuck you up bigtime in the long run, so i say do it

>living in a state where it's illegal
lol flyover

Well, I thought it would add some spice

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ohh, no... that pun was so fucking bad dude, just no

No one is going to stop me

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here, take this just please not another pun.

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My pet mantis is thicker and greener

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ok, fucking have this then

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The Holocaust was legal

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and it didn't even happen


lol what fuging bullshit ure comparing smoking weed with murder and robbery.
Iam extremely high and even i see this doesn't make any sense.
Or is this an ieonic post?

some laws are stupid and breaking them doesn't hurt anyone but yourself. And doing things to yourself should be allowed.
I had a fight once when i was drunk and fucked a guy up who was drunk aswell. If i were high at that time i probably wouldn't have attacked him and beat him up so hard.