Do Finish people have fins fren?

Do Finish people have fins fren?

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oh I thought you did. Do Americans have two asses fren?

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Yes. See pic related.

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You are allowed to have one

Yes, they shit from one and talk from the other, KEK.

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Lol, friend, I would've posted that image with my post but I'm phoneposting.
I am brit fren, you're post office fren?

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Yes fren

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:^) all bants, friend.

How goes your day? Lol we came across each other yesterday on /b/ too in that job thread, fren.

that couldn't have been me, I never post on /b/ I posted this morning on Jow Forums.
Just a lazy day off work, I applied for a postman job. How about you?
How much do you drink?

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Oh wow, that user said he a post office clerk, 28 I think but he listed his salary in euros which I found odd.
So I replied to him 'post office fren?' and he said 'yes fren'.

Hmm I think you'd like post office job much better than postman. I don't drink much at all, only when I go see that girl I'm dating. Today I only went shopping, about to hit the gym since I'm bored and it'll be quiet.


Goyim fren, are you that same fren who used to call these bully posters 'stupid fat gay retard'? I used to find that funny.

Check em frens

time to bake lets get cookin

I used to be a postman a few years ago and I loved it, it was a zero hour contract and I was made redundant after two months.

Lmao sorry to laugh fren but that end part was funny where u had a job u loved but was made redundant after a mere 2 months.
New ID as I've gone to gym, about to go inside now.
But being a postman in UK in winter must be awful, especially with the terrible winter we've been having as of late.


Have a good time at the gym, I've not been since Wednesday, really need to go tomorrow.

I had really good session. I think girl checked me out couple times, we made eye contact couple times but today I just wanted to get on with my lifting. She smiled at me I think one time we made eye contact but that was as I turned away, so I'm not 100% sure.

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Where have you been fren?

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lol but I haven't seen you in long time

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