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Is there any reason for me not to buy a Mi Mix 2S?
I'm upgrading from a dying LeEco Le Pro 3 and the things I want are:
* Snapdragon 845 so it's actually an upgrade (Pro 3 is 821)
* Available to buy within ~60 days so I don't end up without a phone
* No notch
* Relatively cheap
* USA (T-Mobile) bands

Mix 2S is a bit more expensive than I'd prefer at ~$550 but I'm not sure I have any other options.

>global bands only available at highest end model
if that's true you would have to pay ~635$

>when Google Play Store gets an update

The normal model has T-Mobile bands and it's $525 in China. I'm probably being optimistic on reseller markup, though, yeah.

What would be the best value for hardware? e.g. battery life, storage, and screen properties such as display technology and resolution

Can anyone please answer this?

I can't tell what you're asking. But it probably depends on what the phone would be used to do; if you're really into photos, then high quality displays and cameras have more value.

mix 2s bands
top section says "enjoy edition" or something, bottom is "standard"

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They finally made a proper international phone.

Is the Redmi 4A 32GB worth it for $99 on gearbest? I'm looking for a $100 phone to hold me over for ninety days to be exact.

What's a good app designed around extending battery charge/life?

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I doubt becoming a switch shill would help

waiting moto g6 plus

Can I remove bloatware without root access? And if so, how?

It's as about as effective as any app.

I'm thinking about getting an essential phone.

y tho

so when the fuck is the RN5P China/Global version come out reee

No bloat, stock Android, nice materials, decent price

I truly understand now

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Best browser is?

Chrome duh.

Looking for a rec for something with decent battery life and expandable memory, removable battery under $300 in Canada.

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yeah, seems vry promising but well see hands on reviews.

Moto G5


god damn

holy shit

reseller price for mi mix 2s base model seems to be $620
at least for now, it hasn't actually gone on sale in china yet

Is the Mi A1 a meme or actually good

looks good to me, but 16:9, not 18:9, and snapdragon 625 instead of 636 compared to note 5 pro. But Mi A1 has USB C, but 25% less battery than the note pro series. Looks only slightly cheaper than what the Note 5 Pro will go for.

Though dont know how to get my hands on the Note 5 Pro yet.

Which is the best rom for googleless experience on a Galaxy S6?

What gallery do you peeps use? I made the switch to LeafPic after QuickPic went to shit but it hasn't even left beta yet and the developer seems to have given up on it

Simple Gallery.

I want something at least as good as Redmi Note 4 Global (in every aspect), but with smaller bottom bezel. (Only thing that actually matters when decreasing bezels, makes it easier to reach top left corner of the screen. Top bezel doesn't matter at all and side bezels are already small enough that decreasing them further won't change much).
Retarded phones with gimped screen (curved side edges, notch, round corners) need not apply.

If I want a smartphone that maximizes battery efficiency, what is more battery- saving: a smaller screen, or a smaller screen resolution?

Like, what would consume more battery: a 5 in. FHD (1080p) screen, or a 5.5 in. HD (720) screen? (assuming both have the same battery)

Worth it? Or should I do p9 lite for $154


me too
I don't know why, I just want it

Redmi 5 Plus or Redmi Note 5

>Or should I do p9 lite for $154
if you have $154 to spend then get a Redmi Note 4 or Redmi 5 Plus

>2 significant keynotes from large phone manufacturers today
>/spg/ is nearly dead


it's over, Huawei won


>Conclusion: Game changer
>We are used to every new smartphone camera generation being slightly better than the previous one, but looking at the images and test results from the P20 Pro, it seems Huawei has skipped one or two generations. The results are simply that good. The P20 Pro’s triple camera setup is the biggest innovation we have seen in mobile imaging for quite some time and is a real game changer.

>Being able to pick the best camera for a specific shooting situation and computationally merge the image data from all three sensors means that the new Huawei beats the competition in virtually every category, taking the number one spots in both our Photo and Video rankings. The P20 Pro is particularly good in low light, when zooming, and for bokeh simulation, blowing its direct rivals out of the water. If you are looking for the current best camera in a smartphone, look no further.

>TFW Google Play Services takes the dick pictures off of your phone and uses it for an ad.

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Wanna buy a S8 now that the S9 is out. It's $600 right now, how long would I have to wait to get it for around $500?

did the most recent youtube update on android get rid of related videos entirely?
when I scroll down all I get is fucking comments

Replace AMD with Huawei and Cores with Cameras

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amd was right

buy it used on ebay. got mine for 550 AUD. As new condition

so is Huawei

Any suggestions?
I am looking for a replacement for an iPhone 5. I only really use it for
>occasional call
>some texting
>rare picture

Hoping for
>okay battery life
>any camera that can take thumbnail-tier pictures
>headphone jack
>at least 3G capapble
>less botnet, the better

Kind of thinking about some of the cheap nokia phones. Also thinking about a Jelly Pro.


iPhone SE, all phones are botnet

even the iPhone is part of a botnet m8

I didn't say it wasn't, every smartphone is


>It's okay! This option makes it all better!

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>watch video in fullscreen
>even more then the notch is missing

Is there a good FOSS anti-theft/remote wipe app?

nothing is missing because you're watching 16:9 content on a 18:9 display

Ah yes, my bad.

haven't looked for one but this is an interesting ask, would have to be a self-hosted deal for one.
check fdroid if there is any there.

What the Xiaomi phone to get?
Mi A1?
Redmi 5?
There are too many versions and I don't know which one I should get.

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Redmi Note 5 (the Snapdragon 636 one)


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Mi A1, avoid MiUI at all costs.

Using an OLED screen for the first time. it's really amazing

Really? I've grown to be quite tired of their flaws over the years. The piss poor uniformity, black streaking, black crush, grain, inevitable burn in and whites turning piss yellow. I prefer a good IPS but few good flagships use them.

Greenify might help with that, allows you to hibernate apps running in the background.

>shit camera
>shit battery life

Don't do it user.

The last phone I had was a 720p IPS display. Compared to that, the OP5T screen (1080p OLED) is really a leap above. I don't really keep the brightness all that high, so the off-white doesn't translate all that much, and theirs no grain on my machine.

Also I didn't know about this no legacy captcha thing, it sucks

>3 lenses
>some shots STILL look better on pixel 2

It's AMD "lol just throw cores at it" all over again.
Instead of being lazy and cluttering up the devices with a metric fuckton of lenses they should dedicate their resources to actually making good camera software.

Just ordered a HTC U11 because I got a good deal on it. Why isn't there people talking about this phone ever on /spg/? Anything wrong with it except not having a headphone jack?

HTC barely even exist now since Google bought their A team. They always made nice but not great devices and u11 is just another of those.

What's not great about the U11? Decided against the OP5T despite it being praised so much on here, the U11 seems like a way better phone if you're not into meme shit like OLED and 18:9.
Granted, not having a headphone jack sucks but atleast the include some headphones which are apparently pretty fucking good.
I feel like their marketing division just sucks.
Nokia 8 and XZ1 Compact were a close contender as well but they lack in the camera department.

>ded general

Bought a brand new Pixel 1 for £250 how hard did I fuck up?

Moving on from a Nexus 5X

They did that with the original Mi Mix 2, though.

>2100 dollarydoos

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Please answer!

How long until multiple selfie cameras? You know it's coming
>Gee Bill TWO notches???

I want to buy a smartphone and use it exclusively as a console for LIGHT gaming (mainly NDS, GBA and GBC games and on their respective emulators, so nothing heavy).

I know there are better options, but since my carrier offers it to me as a deal, would Honor 9 Lite be a decent choice? Would it do the job? I mainly have two doubts;

1. The BATTERY. It is 3000 mah battery for a 5'7 FHD+ screen. In theory, the drain shouldn't be too bad, thanks to the 16 nm processor, which should IN THEORY be quite battery efficient. But IN PRACTICE, I am hearing the battery drains quite fast, according to users online on gsmarena. One guy even claims that *85 percent* of users that bought it on Flipkart, are saying they have issues with the battery drain.

Is this trust worthy? Or is it the exaggeration of some online users? Could someone that has owned it for 3+ months share their experience battery wise pls? Cause I thought Android Oreo out of the box + a 16 nm processor should be quite battery efficient, and I am confused!

2. Will playing NDS/GBA, etc emultors drain battery a lot? It has a Mali 830 MP2 gpu. I heard it is NOT suitable for heavy gaming, but what about emulators?

Please answer!

kill yourself /v/ermin

My LG G3 is officially kill now. Was thinking of getting a Xiaomi Mi A1 as my limit is 200€. Objextions, other recommendations?

>Honor 9 Lite
Why not get a Galaxy A8 2018 (Exynos 7885+Mali-G71) or Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro(Snapdragon 636+Adreno 509) for the same price, and better performance?

Because my carrier offers it cheap...

want to replace my zte axon 7
with something as good or better
hopefully with a better camera

What's a good phone for $300 budget?

Xiaomi Mi Note 3

Where can I buy Redmi Note 5 (Snapdragon 636)?

I search for Redmi Note 5 Pro but don't really find it? Is it out?

Does that work good on metropcshit?

No clue.

Galaxy a8

If you have MetroPCS do not buy xiaomi or any Chinese brand that isn't sold normally in the US. They usually don't have the same LTE bands that MetroPCS uses. Go for stuff you can get on Amazon or bestbuy or from metro themselves


You shouldn't use metropieceofshit anyway.

t. Former MPCS employee

6P finally kicked the bucket. Is the Pixel 2 a decent upgrade?

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How do you guys deal with more smartphones having no headphone jack? And why the fucking notch? I was looking forward to the new Huawei and Xiaomi phones but it really sucks to see them with those gimmicks.

Either buy the smartphones that copy other iPhones, or go last gen. My Mi Mix still runs like butter