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Still just werks for me.

Using it now, what's the problem?

Please let me import the settings from the f-droid version into the dev one

>inb4 trashchan

>play a webm
>Spotify stops playing

so? it werkz. i dont even really like the newest version. i'm currently still om v1.2.11. it had some tiny forgiving bugs but otherwise works great

Quick post clovers

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Either a option to toggle this off and on or just live with it, do you never pause your music to listen to a video?

Just install overchan (fork) from F-Droid
It just wurks

AIMP doesn't have this problem.

Install Dashchan

stupid phoneposters

I hope your screens get cracked

no u

Install Dashchan.
He means the webms that have no audio.

Spotify's fault for not having options for focus changing.

Lol, no

Omnichan people.

This but Google play music

Im running clover dev and it worked but i switched phones and now it pauses again
Was using nexus 5x before
Huawei p10 now

Floens pls help

dashchan did nothing wrong

How do I add other chans on Clover?

some outdated clover dev build just works for me, great job floens.

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Floens we just need a feature that indicates the reason why we're banned if it happens. Using the browser is becoming more and more tedious each time

>getting banned in the first place
stop shitposting

I literally can't. I'm addicted to shitposting. It became even far more easier with a smartphone. I can do it at work, home, in the W.C - practically anywhere if you give me an internet connection. You're telling me that I should give up one of the few pleasures of life, especially now that it's available in the palm of my hands? I'll forever be the phoneposter ruining threads quality, hindering any form of intellectual discussion, baiting every board and poster until my or Jow Forums death. I even bought a Jow Forums pass for this alone.

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>deserves multi track listening

>I'm addicted to shit

Again: autoskip skippable captcha until verify appears

Sometimes this doesn't work and the Captcha reset itself. It's becoming fucking tiresome, I'm tempted to buy a pass like this faggot because this shit infuriates me to no end.

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I hope that one day we will have a clover fork for multiple image boards. I'm tired of installing other clients to shitpost on other sites than Jow Forums.

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>what is clover dev

>manual color selection for themes
>support for wizchan and 420chan
>making the icon an adaptive one
>offline reading
>(You) notification

that is all for it to be perfect. I love your app flones keep up the great work.

yes goy buy a pass

That's literally what floens is doing user

>Sometimes this doesn't work and the Captcha reset itself.
Yes, but then you press skip again. That doesn't mean you should solve it. Same thing with red text nagging. Ignore it until verify button appears.

I wasn't following the development of clover as that much. But I appreciate that floens is working on it. Clover has by far the best layout and UX of all image board apps I used.

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make me faggot

>(You) notification
Just add the thread to bookmarks and you'll get them. New posts number then will be red.

Sorry, spilled coffee on my phone and my screen has been discolored ever since.

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Add futaba please

Disable audio focus on clover

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How did you do it?

You have to go back.


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The Chan is the bonfied comfy browsing experience

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Jesus thats hideous

Just fuck off.

>App ops

Screenshot this one and post it
Lets continue this loop for as long as we can

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>Not using best theme

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>using outdated and risky Android version to be able opening webms without interrupting your music

Yeah I think I'll do fine

Oi, does anyone of you fellow phoneposting scum know why Floens doesn't push commits anymore?

yes he has a full time job

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That's the dumbest idea by far for this week I've seen on Jow Forums.

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Why is there no nice Amoled theme

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none of you phonefags here have 1080p?

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I don't think so, that'd be weird, who wants to have two windows that have the dimensions of slim jims?

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Thanks friend works great.

lol im russian

Clover is comfy af

t. former Mimi user

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Just use noJS.

Well, it's not like you have any alternative other than it.

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This. Wtf

That doesn't werk anymore

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Doesn't happen to me

For the love of Christ please make it so that the captcha fills the screen instead of being cut off, also why is the captcha on the report window much less laggy than the captcha for posts?

so much comfy shitposting

thanks floens

>he doesn't use clover dev

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Thanks. I'll give it a try.

Where the fuck is floens?

He doesn't like us anymore

Joke's on you. It was cracked more than a year ago and still werks just fine.

>not using Chanu, the original Clover

Clover causes my blackberry passport to randomly shut down, even when it isn't running. Just having it installed is enough.

Those small tickboxes are annoying

v1 != noJS

Floens, support for other chans when?

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I figured it out

Damn that captcha is comfier and faster than standard one.
Let your dick be sucked for that advice.
And based floens.

>""""""Error posting""""""""
Why the FUCK does it keep giving me this bullshit without a single explanation.
Even the fucking website works.

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Dashchan's captcha is still better, though.