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If you would like to try out GNU/Linux you can do one of the following:
0) Install a GNU/Linux distribution of your choice in a Virtual Machine.
1) Use a live image and to boot directly into the GNU/Linux distribution without installing anything.
2) Dual boot the GNU/Linux distribution of your choice along with Windows or macOS.
3) Go balls deep and replace everything with GNU/Linux.

Resources: Your friendly search engine, mailing lists...
>b-but what search engines respect my privacy and freedom of speech?
Try qwant, searx, ixquick or startpage.
>b-but what e-mail providers respect my privacy and freedom of speech?
Try protonmail or disroot

$ man %command%
$ info %command%
$ help %command%
$ %command% -h
$ %command% --help

Don't know what to look for?
$ apropos %something%

Check the Wikis (most troubleshoots work for all distros):

Jow Forums's Wiki on GNU/Linux: wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Category:GNU/Linux

>What distro should I choose?
>What are some cool programs?
>What are some cool terminal commands?
>Where can I learn the command line?
>Where can I learn more about Free Software?
>How to break out of the botnet?

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64-bit OpenRC Gentoo with a binhost for the RPi3 series!


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I need a stable distro that supports software like matlab and teamviewer, which I sadly cannot avoid due to my work. Since Debian has caused me horrendous problems due to drivers and such, I'm considering the Ubuntu LTS version.
Is there any other distro that might fit ?

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>drivers and such
Stop buying shit hardware.

redpill me on nixos, a new coworker is using it and it looks more autistic than gentoo. is it any good for everyday use?

It's incredibly more autistic than Gentoo, yes. I'd honestly recommend using GNU GuixSD instead - it's the same concept of functional package management, but with GNU Guile (a Scheme dialect) instead of some janky domain specific language. It's a fully libre distribution, but really that just means you need to roll your own kernel if you want binary firmware images for your peripherals.

Will I have issues if I clone one of the drives on my system to a blank drive on the same system? What I mean is, will there be any problems with getting the duplicate to boot? I'm worried it will essentially confuse things and boot neither.

is there anything like newpipe for linux?

Try hooktube

Newpipe is mostly useful because the mobile YouTube website and app are utter garbage. Use a browser. If you just want downloading or using a native player, there are youtube-dl and mpv/baka-mplayer for that, respectively.

I like being able to be able to follow channels without logging into google, thats my main usage of mobile newpipe

If your problems are driver related what makes you think downgrading to ubuntu will fix

this. Get a thinkpad

Why do you want to clone the drive? Do you really need an exact clone of your boot disk, or do you just want to rsync /home?

It's essentially going to be two Gentoo base installations that I will use for two seperate purposes when I install the appropriate software on their respective drives. I want one for daily use, and the other will be for software defined radio and related audio /data captures. I'm essentially hoping to avoid the process of installing Gentoo again.

Set up a binhost and point both systems to it. That way you only compile packages once.

Use RSS and hooktube

I guess I could, but I may be moving one of the drives to another machine in my shop, there's a long story involved behind why I would like to do this. Cloning would be ideal, if possible.

In that case, yes. Just clone from a live environment rather than a running system to avoid inconsistencies.

starting a new Debian install. LXDE, XFCE or MATE?

Just installed opensuse tumbleweed on my laptop. comfy enough

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Is there a quick way to know if your laptop is compatible with linux drivers?
I have been used debian and ubuntu on an asus pu401la and everything worked fine.
If there was any sort of driver issues would I even notice, and should I be worried that I never checked?

But NewPipe is for Linux.

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Good thread.

I'm trying to mount a new internal drive on arch. is it possible to mount it like it's an actual drive instead of directories (like /home /var, etc.)?

I like to see the "used space" bar under it on file managers.


Nothing changed.


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You need to reload the xsession...

I've rebooted.

I librebooted my x200 but now grub can't find the UUID to my root partition

I tried changing the argument to /dev/sda1 instead but that didn't fix the problem. It won't find it.

Boy, you're a fucking retard. Is the output of "df -h" too hard for you to parse?

I don't know if there is some different expectation in /etc vs. ~/.config
but my "gtk-3.0" is a directory, not a file. And inside it is settings.ini which is where those settings go. Why not just put it in ~/.config instead of system wide /etc anyway?

A couple additional tips:
* Look inside the theme itself for its name declaration. I've found some themes that have all the appearance of having a particular name, but when you actually crack it open and look inside it's declared as something totally different.
* Consider using something like "lxappearance" to set the themes for you
* Just so you know your FF is gtk3 so you don't have to waste your time playing around with the gtk2 settings for now

Also, you definitely should not have to reload X or restart just to change your theme.
gtk2 applications actually change themes on the fly and don't even require restarting the running applications. gtk3 themes only require restarting the applications.

why even bother showing this information?
I understand it's compiling but does anybody actually save this output and review it?

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Yes. And never mind "saving" it, even just being able to scroll up and see what it tried, where it succeeded and where warnings/errors were is helpful if anything goes wrong.

can't scroll. framebuffer lol

When shit hits the fan, that information you want to fucking look at.Also yes, if you specifically enable something and it dosent load it, you can use this to find what exactly happened.

> framebuffer lol
Scrollback LOL

Doesn't mean you can't scroll?!

Also, the tools shouldn't really do something else between when they run in a framebuffer and when they instead run in tmux.

So we can all look like leet hackers

I've been using Debian with i3 for a few weeks now, but without speakers. I just plugged headphones in and jesus christ, is there some way to disable that awful system beep? Bursts my eardrums every time.

I haven't heard fucking system beeps since I used DOS to play oregon trail at school

Happens every fucking time I use tab completion in bash with multiple results, I can't take it anymore.

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I want a comfy distro
I tried Ubuntu, it wasn't really comfy
Then I tried Kubuntu, I don't like the UI
What should I try?
(I'm a windows fag and I now Linux mostly for headless servers)

Ah, thank you! I'm not using gnome terminal anymore in favor of urxvt, but that told me to look for ways to disable "terminal bell" - I've edited inputrc, I'll see if it works after a reboot.

Try Debian Stretch with xfce for a rock solid, low resources, dead simple distro. The downside is you'll be working with outdated packages and it won't be as "sexy" as KDE/GNOME. But it is comfy.


I saw someone post this Imaging complain about how Lenox is bad because KDE Neon didn't work with this tablet out of the box. If this is a Windows tablet, I'd love to know how he got me on working on it. He didn't say. I'm never sure if they're shills, noobs or just stupid.

Anyone know what tablet this is? I've been looking for a tablet to run GNU/Linux for several months now. I'm about to give up on the idea and get a elitebook revolve. I want one to use as a computer for when I'm in the kitchen for listening to music and college lectures off YouTube referring to the rest recipes because I keep them as markdown files. My phone is too small for this in my laptop is too big.

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Add "blacklist pcspkr" to a file ending in .conf in /etc/modules.d/ for best results.

state of Jow Forums

You dont need to reload, simple log out and back in

i decided to try kubuntu and everything looked fine on install but when i booted it up the theming is all fucked up and nothing like what it looked like when installing. probably due to some previous install a long time ago that I don't remember. How can I get back that slick setup I had before?


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>decide to finally gnu/linux on my laptop
>download openSUSE and flash it on a USB stick
>start install and go to sleep
>10 hours later it stills at 34%

Lads is this the real GNU/linux? is it normal?

Why winpleb like me get suggested to try ubuntu first before another distro?
what happen if i straight to SUSE/Fedora/Arch?
i know if fucked up i have to redo it and find the solution
and i can google it or search it on wiki

i think that's better way to approach how gnu/linux works
i guess

Not normal but don't ask me why suse could get stuck installing.

Generally installs of binary distros should only take some minutes. Not very long.

Nothing happens. Its just some people's preference & what they find easy.

Finally got a new laptop after using the same one for near on 7 years and having the same OS installed for 2 of that. I have forgotten how much stuff I'd customised over that time and how much work it takes to get back to where I was. Especially keyboard shortcuts which I can't copy across since the keyboards themselves are different.

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that's why I've stopped customizing
just be comfy with vanilla

can anyone recommend me a simple gui audio player? i'm currently using moc and would like to switch to a gui program that's very similar.

I don't rice, near default i3 is fine for me. But I like custom commands, aliases and all my programs configured nicely. Also I try to use dark themes whenever possible but if that's too much work default is fine too.


Apparently it's not stuck, it keeps installing packages.. right now it might be around 35%
I'll go to class and if stills installing I'll just use de internet installation

why didn't you just clone your old drive? I've been using the same installation of fedora since like 2009 on 3 or 4 different machines, hell I've even cloned my original laptop to my desktop, just need to regenerate your ssh keys, monolithic kernel ftw

Just use Ubuntu LTS with a comfier DE, like xfce, mate, lxde, etc.

I used openSuse for a few months and switched then to Arch. I would honestly suggest you an Arch based distro, because of the huge repo and the AUR. Antergos for example is basically idiot proof

that's too much. i'm looking for a program that doesn't show anything fancy like album arts


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There's also Linux Mint.
It's even more noob-friendly.

>I would honestly suggest you an Arch based distro

Until it breaks...

>Antergos for example is basically idiot proof

This is true, though.

I mean you don't have to go fancy. Mine just looks like this. it's very similar to foobar in that it's as oriental staple food as you want it to be.

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I actually published a neuroscience paper with Manjaro Linux, SciPy, and MATLAB. Personally, I'd recommend an Arch-based or Ubuntu-based distro for getting real scientific work done with any of the aforementioned tools. What are you going to be doing?

fedora, hands down

audacious or qmmp

Anyone willing to help a brainlet get openSUSE tumbleweed to install on a shitty Hp laptop?
It hangs at initializing the package management and I have no idea why
The ISO works perfectly fine in Virtualbox and on my main PC

do you have networking?

I can connect just fine to my network and the internet.

>arch based for literally ANYTHING but posting on Jow Forums

Is it possible that dual booting could destroy my hard drive?

I installed a use.js profile for Firefox and everytime I launch it [~/../firefox-bin] it begins two instances, two windows open, not one. This is driving me mad. How can I stop this?

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message='The secret code is 12345'
echo "${message//[0-9]/X}"cssssp[/codec]
Why does Ubuntu give me
test.sh: 4: test.sh: Bad substitution

no but if you don't know what you are doing it can make repairing your system a bit of a headache. Nothing so bad you can't fix it though.


message='The secret code is 12345'
echo "${message//[0-9]/X}"
Why does Ubuntu give me
test.sh: 4: test.sh: Bad substitution

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works on my machineā„¢
what version of bash are you using?

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It's because I try to "sh test.sh" instead "bash test.sh". "sh" handles only POSIX compatible stuff.

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why are you calling sh when you have #!/bin/bash as the header?

Where is a league of legends client on mac os, but where isn't on linux.
Would league of legends run if i compiled macOS client on linux?

It wouldn't compile.

Really sick of you morons just blindly refering to Linux as GNU/Linux. Gj getting brainwashed by RMS.

The fucking kernel itself (which you're refering to) is just Linux, and was made because the original GNU one sucked balls. So no - RMS deserves no credit for the Linux kernel.

The GNU component of these systems are just some packages (granted most of them are), but other packages are not. For example, I run an Xorg server on mine, which is not part of GNU. Should I call my system GNU/X11/Linux? Many more non-GNU packages, so the name should be even more ridiculous.

You retards don't even know what GNU means, you just call it GNU/Linux because you're brainwashed into shilling RMS agenda, and think you sound smart.

lawl stey med

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I've been interacting with Arch users for the past couple of days, also reading back on their past interactions all over the internet and wow, they really do have cactuses up their butt, huh.

Add "xset -b" to your ~/.bashrc

go read the gentoo forums

what's a good loonix distro for my old folks?
loonix mint?
they saw me using Ubuntu and thought it was fast (lel) but their hardware is somewhat older and has little RAM
a distro where they will never ever have to touch a terminal would be optimal

Why qutebrowser's file chooser looks worse than GTK had?
I haven't installed a DE so I might haven't installed some package as a file picker for qt programs.

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they are currently using wangblows 10 and their hardware ranges from 2 to 4gb RAM, crappy HDD and at best a 2-core Celeron CPU

How do I use ICC profiles in KDE? I Installed colord and colord-kde but I can't set the profiles.

none, go with wm only? Why? I don't know, you tell me what you want.

Good distro that ships with KDE and just works?

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The filepicker with thumbnails is a component of KDE, not Qt.