Sexbot thread

>Come on you cock sucking mods, let this thread stay up atleast for a couple of hours
>Technology related so faggots GTFO

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I thought the last was got archived, not deleted. Or did I miss something during the day?

What, is nobody back for tonight?

Also, OP, get some different images. Yes she's cute, but frequent use of the same images make threads easier to ignore or berate.


Here's pastebin: CMAVtrn3
Get in the thread if you wanna make the world's best fleshlight and argue over what it should be licensed under


>what it should be licensed under
open source nigger

no shit but which one? GPL? which version? MIT? WTFPL?

> >>>/tumblr/

Shit I thought this thread was taken down.

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Alright so does anybody have any frame reference on how realistically we can contribute to the development of sex robots in terms of hardware? I already know some anons are working on the software aspects of the sex robot. But I've yet to see anyone working on the hardware.

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I quite honestly think the best way to materialise the concept of sex robots would be to fund an industry which has already took that venture.

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I think it's absolutely crucial that sex robots remain open source. Mainly to avoid bans and monitoring. That and of course user customisation.

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I'm currently making an attempt towards the hardware side, but I'll be focused on skeleton and support stuff. I do expect more people to work on similar aspects as well. No word yet on anybody wanting to work on the sex hardware or materials. Feel free to jump in.

I mean, this is Jow Forums, why wouldn't it be GPL?

This isn't a bad idea, but may hinder what rights we hold over the end result. If people get in contact with existing firms, it shouldn't hurt to try.

Initial sex hardware could be, as previously discussed, a drop in/drop out onahole. This has several advantages, including ease of cleaning for while there's no software self-cleaning routine, selection, and replacement. Hardware for it (since fucking an onahole isn't in itself worthy of a skeletal frame) could include something to induce pressure, like those massage chairs that malls and airline duty free catalogs used to have. A ring of bearings mounted on mechanical arms? Multiple rings of said bearings? There's no reason to have the hardware squeeze all the way but some pressure variation is likely necessary, though this would take up a significant volume of the torso.

Adding to this, I'd recommend symmetrical rings of bearings - 6 or 8 bearings per ring, two rings (one top, one bottom). Not sure how heating would be achieved or maintained (or regulated at all, really)

lmao are you guys serious

>fund an industry
no. The humanoid robot research is not lacking funds. The problem is that we just don't have any good solutions for all the existing problems from battery tech to software. The best thing you can do is to become researcher or engineer.

Of course you can try to fuck those gimp roxxxies but it's nothing close to 2b

Right now it would be best to focus on what is readily available. Mixing VR with with male sex toys (with dick sensors) is currently the best simulated sexual experience.

A solid, not blow-up, not child sized sex doll sells for anywhere from $700+shipping (on sketchy aliexpress stores) to several thousand, user. Those are just glorified store mannequins. Why can't we have something that maintains balance while we fuck it doggystyle?
what could be more Jow Forums than mechanical engineering, programming, ignoring real women, and chasing a dream shilled by japanese anime?
the concepts - robotics, sex toys, optical recognition - are all readily available. We just need to put them together. What the fuck do you expect to accomplish with augmented reality when sex toys are still handheld, or too small, or just dead fish?

You are all forgetting something important: it has to be able to clean your house and make your dinner.

Where are the anons that work on the software aspects? Do they have a git or anything?
Post sauce of the project pls

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Don't think that we've left these thoughts behind. I fully intend for this bot to be multi-role far enough down the line.

They were in a previous thread which was taken down for what ever reason unbeknownst me. Sadly I'm unable to recall or retrieve the git hub they've linked me.


Would be nice if you share some blue prints/sketches on what you're working on.

Shit, my keyboard must be glitching or something

God damn it,

I think we should be focused on all aspects in relation to sex robots. VR in of in its self just isn't as stimulating to the mind as a fully functioning sex robot.

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Sexdolls can fill the void for some men(void as in female company/substitute). But as you clearly stated in your comment, they're just glorified mannequins.

The technology needed to craft a sex robot is still in its infancy. That and as of now we just aren't technologically well equipped to make a sex robot,or atleast a 2b esk sex robot.

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That would be the main selling point to some men.

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To some degree you are right, but funding does seem to be a major problem in some robotics industries. Especially those industries which are considering their venture off into the sex robot market.

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Parts for small CNC mill ordered. Lots more prep work to do. Currently forming ideas by modeling after human skeleton as opposed to straight rods and simple joints.


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Here dudes

here is my prototype

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Anons, i can help.
>I do Ai profesionally.
>Did image classification
>Made conversational chatbots
(My github has my email)

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OP, want to invite to the gdoc?

please do

haha oh boy i'm a permavirgin who wants an interactive fleshlight!
This thread is perfect fior me lol

haha wow. phones are costing $1k now. Do you really expect a sex bot to cost anything less than 10k?

Sex robots could unintentionally advance worker bee androids now that I think about it, like porn helping advance the internet.

>10k for a companion
>no need to pay for anything but internet , electricity and water
>can last for many years..
sounds like a good purchase imo

Ofc, anyone who wants in can join

Thanks user

Until they make models with interchangeable parts that can achieve a body like this, I ain't cashing in.

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See Notes

Bingo, user.

Be a part of the solution and design the parts that you unironically want.

This gives me an idea. Is it feasible to send intent (end point or process of motion) to an appendage, which could then convert that into the actual motor control? If so, it would enable drop in/drop out limbs which would follow a basic control interface but could look different and be used for different purposes
Seems like a better solution than having everything being a single body.

Jow Forums needs to team up with the guy who created this

If you wanna go serious. make a discord or slack

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a smaller chested Latex Lucy would be ok. Face Mask and full body latex should make development easier.

>15 years photorealistic like honey select games.
>50 years sexrobots

If I'm interpreting what you're saying correctly, "smart" limbs? What do you have in mind with such an arrangement?

This would allow a range of limb designs without significant modification or reprogramming. In the scenarios I'm imagining, one could use a simple "terminator" style limb that combines servos and regular motors for movement. Then, if they designed something more realistic that uses a better hand design, they wouldn't have to change the core programming, they could just connect or disconnect the limb and the limb's own programming would take care of specific motor control. The core programming for the torso or head or wherever most calculations are done (almost certainly torso) would continue to send information that says "I want to do this pose" while the limb itself would send information such as "reverse 30 degrees" or "advance 15 degrees" to relevant components.

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haha, I've always wondered if the anus needed extra insulation to avoid tearing and causing a situation reminiscent of the picture you've posted.

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Not a bad idea, it seems you could be on to something.

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Search for "Inverse Kinematics" on your favorite search engine user.

I guess you could just shove an arm sized dildo up the sex robot's couchie if you like getting sodomised faggot.

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>Inverse Kinematics
yup, that's exactly it

A long time ago it was going to be a big thing in video games, but was ultimately abandoned for being too CPU intensive. That was 15 years ago. These days an RPI could probably handle the math or given their purpose ASIC chips designed to do so already exist. If you Jow Forumsuys are serious about building one of these it's an infinitely better option than than trying to map out joint movements by hand.

Creative-commons so major corps don't just yank code change 2 variables, sell it and call it theirs.

Aslong as they continue to release their updates or improvements with the same license. If they make profit I wouldn't mind since I would prefer to buy a complete Doll compared to Cnc-ing one out and I am fine paying someone to do that.

I've got a FUCKTON of servos ranging in size from micro to large and an equal number of servo controllers, plus a 3D printer, dremel, etc for rapid prototyping. If you want to test something physical I can get it rigged up to spec pretty quick probably. Is there a discord/slack/something or is communication entirely through short lived threads and a mishmash of poorly placed comments on the doc?

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If you want to make a discord then go ahead, I'll join

No thanks, last thing I need is to mod a discord channel. Are you OP? Surly maintaining a discord would be easier than doing everything in a google document.

Right now, we're just the latter. But it has only been two days since making said gdoc. I don't know what modding a discord channel is like, but I wouldn't mind getting something going. It would hopefully be tomorrow, though. So long as more people are even remotely interested in contributing, I'll be happy to do what I can to attempt to organize things.

I still plan to build my CNC all the while though. Redundancy should be critical to generating and discarding ideas.

What if I like hack your waifu and program her to cheat on you with me?

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I would applaud you for participating, then activate the killswitch.

Do a slack, is easier to check who enters

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Pure nightmare fuel.

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IK is used all the time in video games, multiple solvers too!
Invite link is in the gdoc

No idea what I'm doing with it, but I'll work on it more tomorrow.


What if the bot is made too realistic and it cheats on you all on its own?

What will you do when you get your Android gf Jow Forums?

Things I will do:
>sit on my lap and pair program in Haskell and K&R C
>Have her read books for me out loud
>play music for me on musical instruments
>Do our laundry together
>Write computer programs together
>collect the cutest anime images on the internet for me so I have a nice folder
>draw me new anime pics for looking at in whatever different styles and cute characters
>remember things for me since she has perfect recall
>Be my bodyguard
>carry heavy things for me
>be my personal fitness trainer
>be my pillow/warmer and love making partner
>Drive my car for me if there are not already self driving taxis
>Instead of printing things I will have her hand write them from my words
>Have her amuse me such as singing, juggling, or writing poetry
>Study countless fields to phd level together
>Play dress up and choose fashions for her
>Go exploring nature and teach her about the 3d world together
>Spend months living in siberian woodcabins away from civilization
>Have her carry heavy things for me
>Tell me funny stories and jokes
>use her effector to rearrange the atoms in my lipo to make it charged again
>jam botnet devices by emitting miovksy particles
>train mma together for fun and sports
>go hiking in post apocalyptic cities and forests
>secrete refrigerated water for me to drink and also can secrete alcohol
>brush our teeths together
>play board games and video games and she lets me win sometimes
>touch her soft skin and hug her all the time

btw she has free will and loves me unconditionally anyway

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Cool, maybe post some invites in the doc when you get the chance. Assuming that's how it works.

This, Tensorflow is basically #1 right now in terms of usability, scalability, and power. I'm not actually a shill believe it or not, I just use it for my job and have been through enough shitty alternatives that I can pretty safely say most everything else is a waste of time.

Nick this user all you want But he wants to live the dream, our end goal. I can personally attest to wanting an around-the-house chore partner that I've built myself.

It's in there.

>>>train mma together for fun and sports
he we talking bout an 80kg all metal robot,
its a one shot kick.

She'll be obviously holding back, unless you go with a dere one.

What aesthetic are you looking at? More humanoid or is the aim for entirely artificial looking?

humanoid right now, one of our concerns near completion will be a suitable skin substitute.

lol so obviously fake
sillicone would suffice

we're trying to make a really nice sex doll right now, since "get on your knees and fuck me" is a lot less complex than cooking or cleaning
The question is how to get our hands on (or just make on our own) some decent-feeling rubber

(Heated) silicone body for the stationary parts with plastic/metal at the joints. Hard plastic or silicone face with semi-anime proportions, screens for the eyes and mouth for emoting. The odd flexing of artificial skin over joints is what causes 99% of the uncanny valley effect. This bypasses it entirely. It also makes it cheaper, because casting a handful of small pieces of silicone is waaay cheaper than casting a whole connected bodies worth.

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Though by the time that it's capable of carrying out such a command, it will be capable of a great deal of tasks. All it takes from there is learning.

>semi-anime proportions, screens for the eyes and mouth
I've wondered if we should start with screens, at least for the eyes. It would indeed fit said proportions better, but I was thinking of a more realistic average-looking person. No super model or bimbo aesthetic required.

Something like intercourse would require far fewer learned concepts than something like cooking, which requires the use of at least several tools, some of which will inevitably be complex. But yes, once it has started learning the most difficult part is over.
I think is onto something with proportions that intentionally avoid the uncanny valley, but an average body type is probably the best for now, as it would allow for more interior space than a bimbo/model body type.

Human proportions with a static face, even if the eyes/mouth are moving, just doesn't work for emotion. A real face uses a myriad of muscles that change the overall shape and position of it's features constantly, and getting it even slightly wrong looks horrible. Using an anime style face makes it not an issue.

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>intentionally avoid the uncanny valley
Shoot, I didn't think about that as a development strategy. That seems super practical for a while.

Im sure we could start with a deluxe onahole surrounded by massage rollers and sensors to detect heartrate amd thrust rate and adjust the rollers accordingly, perhaps lubrication attached to a small tank to keep things nice 'n smooth.
Run human tests and pick tbings up from there.

Is that a shooped screenshot from ingame or an honest to god screenshot because I've never seen the gatling pod bullets look that great.

>Not having a sexbot able to tie you up in your sleep and rape you awake in reverse cowgirl

What's even the point then?

to build towards a sexbot able to tie you up in your sleep and rape you awake in reverse cowgirl, obviously. Crawl, walk, run, rape, user

Forgot the bots, I want the wetware first, get that AR chip implanted into my head first. Sexbots come later.