Why do companies still use Windows™ at work?

Why do companies still use Windows™ at work?
Wouldn't Linux serve better for this purpose?

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win32 enterprise software

WINE is okay but not ready for enterprise

Linux is best suited for singular specific tasks.
Windows is best suited for multitasking.

If you're developing a project - Linux is the better choice to put your local environment on. You might code on it as well.
However, coding, browsing the internet, reading work chat, getting mail, reading, writing, and submitting documentation, drawing designs, testing multiple platforms, etc. tend to work better on Windows.
There are quite a few companies that could've benefitted from switching to Linux, but they would have to ensure functionality they normally get by falling back on Windows, so they don't bother.

Ppl don't like change. They learn the minimum to do their job, and freak when their cheese is moved.

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>Why do companies still use Windows™ at work?
There is your answer

> However, coding, browsing the internet, reading work chat, getting mail, reading, writing, and submitting documentation, drawing designs, testing multiple platforms, etc. tend to work better on Windows.


sent from a linux desktop

Programming on windows is a PITA unless you do everything from a full blown IDE. The few devs at my company who run windows on their laptops do all their work remotely on aws instances running ubuntu

Microsoft Exchange. Any other answer has a mouth breather behind it.

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I disagree. Albeit, I can see where you're coming from if we are talking not about Win10 in particular.
But for Win10 you have an ability to recreate an almost perfect Linux environment via WSL without resorting to the usage of VMs, clouds, ssh, etc. And you still have the ability to fall back to the Windows stuff. You can run a server under WSL and it will behave as you would expect it to behave on Linux, but then you can also use a client for Windows to access said server and it won't require any specific setup at all, because in the end, it's Windows what's running that "server on Linux". You can run some services on WSL and some - directly on Windows and they'll work perfectly fine together.

Oh cmon linugs fags understand that people in work need functional system and something everyone including old grannies ať personal department to work in excel and word. Not emulating IT not running fucking wine and having fucking ugly OS.

> Linux will never make
> Even AS server Windows os better

Because they actually need to get work done. No, ricing doesn't count as work.

>Work in a large corporate datacenter
>99.9% of servers run Linux
>Datacenter workers forced to use Macbooks due to "security"

Life is pain.

You are lying.

except when you run into problems with WSL because it doesn’t support all kernel features yet and never will, and because it’s slow as fuck.

just install Debian or something. You can even use the bloated VScode mess on Linux now.

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> something something something ... wincpetion

that sounds unnecessarily complicated while also lacking all the features of a modern desktop environment and sane file system o_O

Believe me, I wish I was.

Linux is not an operating system. It's a kernel.

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>Using linux means you have a high IQ
If that makes your feel smarter sure

MS Office + other stuff yes
Not to mention a lot of proprietary software for Windows

>Linux is best suited for singular specific tasks.
>Windows is best suited for multitasking.
b8 of the week.


Meanwhile render farms use configurations, that wouldn't possible on MS platforms.

This is what happens every time:

>company is using windows
>someone in management decides to switch to Linux after being convinced about windows shortcomings
>company switches to linux
>Linux is different, resulting in lost worker productivity
>Linux also has its own shortcomings, possibly worse ones than windows
>company realizes it just exchanged one bag of problems for another, except now workers are less productive

There's a reason most software development companies let their employees use whatever fucking OS they want. Every OS has positives and negatives. What's most important is how productive someone is, which is determined by their familiarity and comfort with that particular OS.

lots of companies have mission critical data trapped in proprietaryfag systems

We need a movement to overturn the DMCA

> Macbook
> Security
What a high security, I bet no one knows you can have root access just by login with root id and blank password

It's so they can sue Apple if shit goes downhill. It's not real security for people. It's about legal liability.

It's only "slow" in terms of I/O to the /mnt directory. And even that is already severely improved in the Insiders builds.
It's pretty damn hard to run into problems with WSL nowadays. And when you do, you are likely to be working with something niche enough to require running actual Linux.
WSL is very straightforward to use.
God damn it, user.
Which proves my point.

Using linux here, Cisco employee

>WINE is okay
WINE is now owned by Microsoft, so it is Windows.


at my work we use macs :-DD
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Pretty much this. It's a combination of Autodesk, Exchange, Group Policy and Office with Exchange being more influential than people seem to think, probably because they think it's just a mail server.

>However, coding, browsing the internet, reading work chat, getting mail, reading, writing, and submitting documentation, drawing designs, testing multiple platforms, etc. tend to work better on Windows.
Everything you wrote here is false.

>Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM

lets get real for a moment. You install windows 10 in about 45 minutes and for most linuxes its about the same but remember. Biggest base linuxes are about 1 gigabytes or 2 while windows 10 can be more than 5 gigabytes of data. And what happens when you open them. On the linux there are about 2 functional buttons, 3 are nonfunctional and in those two buttons there are some pictures to play with. Maybe slide down or up. On windows though, you feel like a god. Its professional its fast, its all functional. You have a godlike user interface. The thing that the linux does not have. You have those two buttons in the linux, but you still search google for codes to write in terminal. Linux is free because its not worth a penny. Nobody would sell a paper without taking the money. Just not sure why people still buy android while windows phone does 10 times more. Trust me. When you work with windows you know some genius ground breaker dedicated himself to give you an operational os

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It used to be application support and usability. Now it's just old habits die hard and the Window$ tax on most new systems.

M$ also does put a lot of work into their enterprise systems too though, so it isn't completely useless either.

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the french "gendarmerie nationale" have switched to an home made variant of ubuntu as an exemple

Because it's bulletproof for retards in an AD environment in comparison to Linux. Macs would be better but is too expensive.

Citrus isn't even good. So yeah, you watch it for the qt homo girls.

I've installed Ubuntu on my laptop and I like it, but one thing I can't get over is how shitty the text looks compared to Windows. It's like Windows uses antialiasing on text while Ubuntu doesn't, I've noticed this when browsing the internet on Chromium. Is there any way to fix it? Plz no bully

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search " rendering fonts (or text) ubuntu " it will give you some cases from the forum, you will find your solution there.

Don't know what to tell you, Linux fonts always looked better for me. It's possibly an issue with Wayland if you're using the GNOME version.
Yeah, Firefox always had better font rendering.

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Citrus. Text is not original, obviously.

-it just werks
-tech support
-nobody ever got fired for buying Microsoft
Linux is only free if your time is worthless

every company i've ever seen uses linux for their servers (unless they absolutely need windows, like if they've tied themselves to using garbage like navision), which is how linux was always intended to be used. Windows goes on the work pcs because it's what most people are familiar with and what takes the least amount of fucking around with to get things to work.

Yes, mine does. Everything was written in Visual Basic then made in .NET Framework. It would take a hell of a lot of work to move everything to .NET Core.

For workstations? It's what people are used to, especially non-developers.

For other shit? Liability and support. Outlook for example. Companies want the support that MS can give them, and if something goes catastrohpically wrong, Microsoft bears some of the liability. Free software projects just don't offer that, even with things companies like Redhat. Plus, Microsoft often gives discounts to keep customers around.

The same winds up being true for a lot of "enterprise" software.

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>tfw like Windows Phone
It has no apps. It is a phone. I like this phone. :(

Give me 10 advantages Linux has over windows for java and js development
Tell me how it would save me and 50 other people time

I know it does mail and contacts. What other useful features does it have?

Having had to make this decision once before.

>Linux wasn't compatible with the huge amount of software we invested in

>The accountants wanted Excel

>multiple users used one computer, all of them were familiar with windows, all would require training for linux desktop and use it less efficiently.

>There are more competent windows admins than competent linux admins.

>Any introduction to Linux would have necessitated a period where the environment was half windows/half linux.

>I would not get fired for requesting expensive Microsoft software, I would get fired for requesting Linux and fucking up the rollout.

Wasn't a hard decision, windows desktops and linux servers. I did actually get some things off windows, some computers running signage and nothing else. Oddly enough I was pressured to move the desktops to Chrome and then use a remote desktop solution to make our windows apps work. I successfully convinced people of how immensely retarded of an idea this was.

"Businesses should use Linux" is mostly a meme by people that use Linux but don't do employee facing IT for businesses.

>t. asshurt de/g/enerate NEET

>Windows is best suited for multitasking.
Wew lad

I hate Windows because it doesn't have built-in support for multiple desktops, multiple activities and all the rest. If I want more screen space, I need a new screen.

In Linux, I just set however many desktops I want and go for it.

>The few devs at my company who run windows on their laptops do all their work remotely on aws instances running ubuntu
I work almost entirely on AWS stuff and I run Ubuntu or Mint on workstations for basically the same reason.

>>Datacenter workers forced to use Macbooks due to "security"
I wouldn't complain, it's basically all the same once you're in a bash shell.
I work on my mint desktop and laptop alongside mac cow-orkers and we do all the same stuff. Just using bash, sshfs, git and sublime.
Only our browsers are different and that's handy for testing.

>Microsoft Exchange
It's been nearly a decade since I worked somewhere that didn't use Google Enterprise for all that shit.

Workstations still have Office installed but Exchange is dead in the tech companies I work with.

>It's like Windows uses antialiasing on text while Ubuntu doesn't
I believe that's literally true actually.

You can probably enable it in your window manager somehow.

>"Businesses should use Linux" is mostly a meme by people that use Linux but don't do employee facing IT for businesses.
The best case is generally that your power-users, developers and the like, get to choose their hardware and install their own OS. Obviously that doesn't go for sensitive institutions like banks where IT needs to control what gets installed (or even plugged in).

The fallback of a lot of companies is to give macbooks to everyone, they're not a bad half-way point between Windows and Linux. Good enough in my experience.

Not the guy you replied to but wasn’t that exactly his point? You’re only using this instance of linux as a render farm and nothing else. Meanwhile at an office, which is what OP is talking about, will use windows for multitasking.


Exchange is getting depreciated hard in the face of cloud based email.

>windows doesn't have built in support for multiple desktops
you should update to windows 10

>Windows because it doesn't have built-in support for multiple desktops, multiple activities and all the rest
Assuming you're talking about virtual desktops - Win10 has these, albeit they are used for windows, not for placing shortcuts and folders there.
Also, Win10 can run a whole parallel system architecture (via WSL) that'll natively interact with everything

Microsoft was clever to get their OS installed default on so many computers / laptops. It is so ingrained in most people that the average office worker (most of whom aren't very computer savvy anyway) would have their ability to work negatively impacted, or a steeper learning curve for basic stuff.

Group policy, and companies don't want to spend over 2x the time fixing IT issues that would never even come up on Windiws/Mac. Sorry, your product's shit and it will always be that way until your entire community accepts it.

I work at a company where I consequently need to help support a lot of our clients own software stacks. There are a lot of big (read: fortune 10) players in this list. I think almost all of them use an exchange server. It's not just your mail, it's tied into user accounts, Active Directory, etc. Microsoft, especially their SaaS products like Office365 make it incredibly easy to manage users and permissions across a wide variety of products. For big corporations, nothing really comes close to supporting enterprise as fully as Microsoft at this point.

nope there is multithreading this is a non issue

before I graduated, worked a job at a local used book store that was stuck on Windows thanks to their POS system being written many years ago by a long dead individual

best goddamned job I've had, to be honest. comes down to, if it works, why the fuck should we try something else? tried to get into the IT department there to fix this up near graduation, but alas, had to move on with my career

>Windows doesn't have built-in support for multiple desktop

Are you retarded or what?

...fuck, gave me a heart attack trying to find the shortcuts to flip through em. glad they got around to it, but they really should have made that feature more obvious

You can use Win+Tab or Win+Ctrl+arrowkeys

Four finger swipe on a touchpad also flips them around by default.

see that shit right there is great on Mac
no matter your device, that gesture works
sure, it's an awful mouse for gaming, but fuck those guys

You can use the computational power of a workstation too for a render park, so Linux is more versatile.

Because at companies you actually want to do... you know, work. And in that field, Windows just works, without too much trouble. Its single unified platform where everything you actually want works out of box.

Meanwhile with Linux you face problem of fuckloads of distros that each works little different in one or another aspect and companies have no time and money to waste on that. They want OS that works - and MS delivers. The only places where Linux have right to exist are either servers or specific single-task situations like measuring station of some sort.

I love how Linux Witnesses keep telling themselves that reality is different.

>Programming on windows is a PITA unless you do everything from a full blown IDE.
Most webdev hipster languages are pretty much Mac only and Windows/Linux support is "experimental". Linux is the least supported of them all.

Companies use Windows because that's what's bundled with the systems they buy. Did you really need anyone to tell you that, OP?

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We have win/lin servers depends on tasks

postfix and exch for example

I work in a company (~30 people) that mainly uses linux.
It is mostly developers, so using linux makes sense, but we have several people who don't use linux and here is why:
Skype for business is a cheap and easy way to setup a phone service and if you answer a lot of calls, you don't want to only use your cellphone.
Outlook (the desktop client) is a better email client than anything on linux unless you have special needs (like if you receive patches over email and you want to apply those to your code).
We also use outlook (backend) to manage emails and calendar.
We desperately need a good email backend that can do the same thing.
I have to use the horrible web client because there isn't a better way.
Excel is better than the spreadsheet solutions available on linux and if you also need to send accounting information to other people, you can't use libreoffice. This one might be the easiest to change but even this one is hard.
One last thing which is also a shame this is true: Sharing data is easier on windows.
You setup a network share and people can mount this without having researched the solution and how it works.

> Group policies as an example of a working product

Ha ha ah ha ha.

Aren't you embarrassed your actual job is to make sure everyone's using the same screensaver?