How do you cool your raspberry pi Jow Forums?

How do you cool your raspberry pi Jow Forums?

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i plop it in my piss jug

Heat sink and fan. Not fucking staples.

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Braaappp on it.

Cum and my stock intel heat sink

Ew who actually buys stuff when you can make it yourself for free

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Did you make your own rPi, faggot?

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what are you doing with your pi that it heats enough to need cooling?
and I think cooper it's better for a pasive heat sink

By not using it.

Hm, I question if that's enough extra surface area to make up for the thermal resistance of covering it.

the ones who, unlike you, doesn't have much free time I guess.

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I blow on it

$1 fan gutted, powered from the modified USB hub that's powering my Pis, modified to have speed control via PWM from the host Pi.

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Mine all run fine with passive cooling, got a few copper heatsinks for a dollar or two on aliexpress. I used to run a few ASICs with my Ci20 and wired a case fan to a 12V wallwart to cool them

The heatsinks were included with the case, otherwise I don't think I'd have bought them

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What do you need a Pi for?

this is disgustingly beautiful

stuff, also things

Stays cool at 36° inside my bum

i love you user

That looks pretty nice.

But it seems like too much effort when you could just get an Odroid that cools alright passively or actively with the stock coolers and performs like two to all four of these, depending on what it does.

user can you elaborate what project is that?


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How is that even relevant?

>heatsink and fan
Same my rpi came with them as a bundle.
Not that I needed it since I only used my pi for a specific project, and don't need it anymore.

What do you guys use yours for?

SPI flasher to flash libreboot on thinkpads. Then I tried to find a use for it as a media player, server, pihole, and etc, but ended up stuffing it a box.

if you're doing something on your raspberry pi to the point you need a heatsink attached to it you should probably spend a few extra dollars and get a real computer instead


hahah *plop*

I don't understand the purpose of the PHY heatsink, that chip doesn't get burning hot.

I would guess for overclocking.

Heatsink-less Pi throttles by design under any kind of semi-heavy CPU load, be it routing, vidya emulation or torrent hashing.

Pretty fuckibf sure everyone who owns a Pi has an actual computer. How else would they flash the microsd?

How the fuck do you overclock an Ethernet PHY?

That's total overkill

I leave it in the draw

I have one rpi model b 256mb ram without a heatsink, not overclocked running pihole. It is about 45-48c.

then I have a rpi 3 running ubuntu core with a rocket chat server, it has a weighty copper heatsink. I have no idea how hot it is, but it's just slightly warm to the touch.

You're right, but doing things at the edges of your knowledge expands it, so that's part of the reason I did it.

Rpi shouldn't throttle when running simple web services even without a heatsink, there's nothing in there to continuously stress all cores (and if there is, the QoS is likely already degraded and you need to switch to more powerful hardware). What certainly does require a heatsink is retropie, since the more complex emulators stress both CPU and GPU at once.

my servers at work run about this so it seems normal to me

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anyone have any suggestions for what to do with a pi besides pihole? I prefer passive stuff

SIP server
Tiny slow NAS for smaller backups

>SIP server
my place is a bit too shoebox for in-home voip lol
nas isn't a bad idea, i have a usb3 1tb ext hdd lying aorund somewhere

I have a feeling the Pi’s interfaces are too slow to enjoy it as a NAS. Correct me if I am wrong.

dunno about enjoy, if i was using it to just backup one system it'd be fine as long as it was wired right?

40s is nothing for those chips.
They're rated to run at over 100C and be fine.

You're right if you need to transfer a lot of files, large amounts of data.

You could easily use it as a streaming NAS for music or videos, as the bitrates are well below the throughput (most of the time). But if you decided to copy a terabyte to it then you're gonna suffer.

No need for heat sinks. It's rated up to 70/80 deg before throttling.

you put more gigaflops into the internet socket

>How do you cool your raspberry pi Jow Forums?
I put it in a ziplock bag, and stuff it in a floor freezer.

What are you doing here ?

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your mum

pihole and OSMC

Wasting my life.

Doesn't it throttle down when hot?
I have a pi without any cooling and it is doing fine. I do not think you need shit unless you mine with it.

There's a copper heatsink on the back too, I think on the WiFi controller. Don't ask me why, but it's for free so I don't care

>How do you cool your raspberry pi Jow Forums?
This exact case without the fan.

how much of a bad idea it is to set up some kind on nas by pluging in a WD red disk via usb/sata in a raspbery pi with a debian with samba and an openvpn
i was wondering how i could make a low cost working data storage

Heat sink. I have a fan but it's noisy as fuck.

That would be fine.

You don't, it's literal dogshit. Sell it and buy a used thinkpad which will be 100x more powerful and not have wifi/ethernet/sd card/usb ports/charger/cpu/gpu over a fucking 20mb/s usb bus


I mean, it's just one disk, and its incredibly low budget. If you can't afford anything better, then it would be perfectly serviceable.

Used thinkpads and optiplexes would be vetter suitible imho.

I wrote a script for my raspberry pi, so when temps goes up it turns on fan to cool it down.
This is my rpi project. And this is only thing it does.
I'm not sure if it works though... Either, temps are really low or it doesn't work.

>I'm not OP's faggot ass.
>coping this hard

Fucking weak. My one monitors temps from the cluster and turns it on or sets the speed based on the hottest in the cluster.

Works too.

>20mb/s io pi also constantly overheats and thermal throttles
amazing, apple would be proud

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Openmediavault and pihole

smb file server

Absolutely amazing user. Keep it up :)

to you and to wider /g

I've been on the "raspberry/banana/orange pi storage server" thing for past month.
I've did my research and I'm in this situation:

>raspberry is pure shit because of 100mbit lan and the new "1gbit" goes thru usb 2.0 part on the board so it's ~0.3 gbit in fact
>also no sata/usb 3.0

what remains is banana

>banana is solid candidate because of sata but it's limited up to 2TB and 2TB sucks in terms of nowadays file sizes (movies).
>also 2TB might be enough for today for someone but let's pretend the you wanna use it in 2 year from now...well 2TB will become more like 2GB
>sata on banana is not proper sata.... the speed is also limited...but if you format ur drive to ext3/4 you can get 25MB/s of write speed and 45 for read operations
>well..... not bad but once you wanna pullup 10gb file from the storage you will have to wait
>on the other hand banana is cheap and if the speed is ok for you you can set up multiple bananas with multiple drives....every time 1 board and one drive

there are kinda cool stuff on aliexpress
bit ly /2IdqXuB
bit ly /2pOgsXf

and you can put this setup into this
bit ly /2Gie020
and it will looks amazing imho

>on the other hand.....

some of the cheap mini ITX boards with 4x SATA + 4x usb 3.0 with passive cooling is ~$80 in my country. The bonus u will get is 7.1 audio, PCIe for additional shit and 4k@60Hz wideo output. You need to buy RAM but its like ~$20 for 2 gigs. So far so amazing in comparison to ~3x slower multiple banana pi setup. The big con is the power source. Mini ITX means ITX noisy power source. Once you dont wanna pay 2x more for power source than for the ITX board u wont get a quiet one. You can use PSU but it requires adapter which is next expense.

I want the "nas" to be 100% quiet so banana + slow SATA > mini itx solution.

>there is still Banana Pi R2 and Rock64 boards

help me out /g

>also maybe new thread fot this whole thing?

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Go back.

i have rpi2 and on 100% load its 60°C only alu heatsink( oc to 1GHz )

both rpi and cheap thinkpads have 100/10 wire

but rpi is 5-7W and silent

One Pi3 for OSMC, one Pi3 for Octoprint, and a PiZero rigged with a motion sensor to play a Seinfeld bass riff everytime someone walks in my lounge


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>at work
>Raspberry Pi
Holy shit, your startup needs some indiegogo money quick, m80


The staples got pretty hot and the temps dropped by a few degrees so kinda

I wonder what else would work?

Someone try tin foil. Cut out a long rectangle and fold it into fins.

Dry ice and a nitrogen rich envieonment.

>odroid performance is so good meme

naw, you can get a banana pi for 1/4th the price and the same performance that also passively cools.

I purchased an Odroid XU4 wich has a integrated cooling fan

Actually I used to only use the old banana pi for data storage since it was $35 and had Sata. I'm about to do tests so I'll post up my stuff as I go.
Pic related with time. From cinnamon desktop.

I'll run some unencrypted samba transfers and some rsync or scp.

ODROID has a board specific to connecting hard drives at full speed it's about $60

Rock64 is garbage. Their software is useless

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t-thanks gook moot for flipping my image upside down.

uploading from my desktop now hopefully doesn't flip image

so you can see I have E-sata to sata (banana pi) from a harddrive enclosure, it's a decent rosewill one from newegg has usb 3.0 & esata

speeds via 3.0 were around 120MB/s from this hard drive on the desktop.

this is the ODROID I talked about:

it's like $65 on amazon. their shipping is fucking stupid expensive so that price on amazon is good.

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1. thank you for the post
2. test it and please post results
3. samba is slow as fuck use nfs
4. you can run dd cmd directly on the banana

i was thinking about odroid but..

>can I run full distro on that or at least raspbian or similar or do I have to put on their specific distro?
>does they have any updates in terms of new iteration of that board? i know odroid is pretty old by now

they have several debian based things that run on it
it's a normal odroid board or development board related. just has good sata port and a big case for a hard drive.

so anything normal will run on it just fine, you can do w/e the fuck you want in the software. I run web server on mine with nginx so people can browse the files in their web

oh I misread your second part

that is the new iteration of that board, the old one used 5volt rail required 6amps. the new one has a 12v5 converter buck down built in so it uses 12 volt standard (which is what big drives use) and converts to lower voltages for whatever it needs. which is more efficient. only requires 2 amp
they did some other stuff if you look at the HC1 vs HC2

This except I split the fan header to the 3.3v rail instead so it doesn't sound like an electric shaver.

this kind of shit is disgusting

I run PI at 80-100% for years and they have no issues. no heatsink no cooling.

lol, you again.
Come on, post the windows xp in boschs or limbo or whatever. Its really compelling to your non existant arguments.