It's happenning

Microsoft eternally BTFO
Linux wins. 2018 year of the Linux desktop. DirectX programmers switching to OpenGL and/or Vulkan.

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that will happen only if valve release half life 3 and its not disappointing
and devs will probably use vulkan

> Not using botnet OS but still using botnet software.

kys faggit

Steam on linux is a joke. Valve can't even make it possible to run native and wine-strapped games from a single client. This is stupid.

who said anything about steam on linux?

Get real. Steam is the only marketplace to sell games for linux.


sure thing buddy

Are you trying to tell us you're a faggot?

It's not Valve's job to provide a compatibility layer for Windows applications, and they would probably be facing a lawsuit if they did.

Nobody asked them for a compatibility layer. All they need to do is to allow downloading games from windows library.

If you want to run it in wine, you can just run whole steam in wine and download shit that way.

>All they need to do is to allow downloading games from windows library.
use steamcmd you degenerate


>still no good drivers


it has little to do with steam, it's just called that. It's a networking library for multiplayer games, unrelated to Steam itself.

Strange. I thought my Shenzhen was purchased on a website called magog or something.

You are delusional. It's not the tech, it's the target userbase. If your platform has 0.01% of your target audience good luck getting anyone to spend money there.

You said this 4 years ago. Fuck off.

Unfortunately if this ever happens and Linux becomes more mainstream, it will become worse and more restrictive in order to be more accessible to winbabbies who don't even know what a computer is.

>open source botnet

>Release HL3
>Linux/SteamOS exclusive
>Send a video of you installing your OS for access to the closed Beta

>Microsoft eternally BTFO
how so?
Networking and open source are not linux-exclusive buzzwords.
This is the network stack of dota and cs go, these games run on windows jus the same.
>DirectX programmers switching to OpenGL and/or Vulkan.
No, we won't.

Are you fucking retarded? If you already have wine, just install steamsetup.exe

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called "Linux", and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.

There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine's resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called "Linux" distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.

>valve cant even make it possible to run native and wine strapped games from a single client

>we wont
Why wouldn't you? What is a legitimate reason tl develop in directx over vulkan?
Serious question not just meming

Speak for yourself, faggot. Vulkan is the future. It now wraps OpenCL too.

>winbabbies who don't even know what a computer is.
But those are mactoddlers

>running games through wine
>not running the Windows client through wine
This is brainlet-tier.

Don't flatter yourself. Wintoddlers are no better than mactoddler, and in many cases are even worse. Mactoddlers on here are at least probably web developers or comp sci students who know a little programming, but the windows users are straight from /v/ and know fuck all about how a computer works

>Why wouldn't you? What is a legitimate reason tl develop in directx over vulkan?
Business mostly.
Vulkan is not onpart with directx on windows.
No stable APIs on linux.
Hardware usually take longer to get support from the kernel due to the release cycle. You just can't tell people to go and patch the kernel themselves.

>Speak for yourself, faggot.
I speak for what I saw when I was around senoir engine developers, I'm still a student and will graduate this year but hate on opengl/vulkan is a thing among pros.
>Vulkan is the future.
maybe but don't expect to see AAA game with vulkan as primary engine in the next 3-4 years.

I'm pretty sure he's making a reference to this Apple ad.

You are too dumb to read a conversation. Needing to run two clients is bullshit

So was I when I made that post, implying that wintoddlers are no better than mac users.

You're literally running the games through a compatibility layer that you have to fuck around with and tweak for each individual game. How you don't consider that in itself bullshit, but complain that you have to install a second client, is not only hilarious but sad.

nah, that's deliberate. they did allow using wine on their linux client until a few years ago when they started pushing steamos

>send a video of you uninstalling windows for a free copy

>tweak for each individual game
Which is better than running them all through one version of wine because then your games will all actually work. Just use playonlinux, its not hard

Don't tell me what to use, faggot.

Valve unironically has no place talking any technical details. Everything they make is stuck in the mid to late 2000s, it's literally 10 years behind other top studios despite the fact that valve alone is worth billions

Kill yourself

Crap. They gonna use the good stuff. That's one less reason for wintoddlers to switch to GNU/Linux.

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>I speak for what I saw when I was around senoir engine developers, I'm still a student and will graduate this year but hate on opengl/vulkan is a thing among pros.
DirectX had the monopoly for like 20 years so it's only natural programmers who spent their entire life studying DX are going to hate on Vulkan, it has the potential to literally kill their careers unless they re-learn everything.

OpenGL on the other hand is just bad

Your post makes absolutely no sense.

I dream of the one day I can fully move away form windows be able to play vidya without issue on linux.

I'm half retarded and Lutris worked pretty good for me. Try it out.

No, you.

Linux is not esports ready so it does not matter
By the way if anyone is looking to make the big bucks cheats for the esea or faceit client go for $3-5k USD a pop

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Are you implying that there was some lack of networking libraries suitable for gaming up to this point?

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But csgo runs faster on Linux than windows. Same with Dota 2. Its definitely esports ready

i haven't used windows for years but i am thinking about hosting it with pci pass-through virtualization.
> 29 games
>36 games

It's not, none of the third party leagues support it and and neither do any anticheats except VAC which is a joke right now because all of the modules are turned off, plus most mouse drivers don't either. There are also too many bugs with the Linux client of CS and steam while Windows just werks which is all tournament organizers care about

>Valve can't even make it possible
that's where you're wrong kiddo
this used to work in a distant past, but then valve decided to remove it to discourage companies from doing lazy wine "ports"

please I want to believe please release my of this hell please please please

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DSOGaming: Since you’ve worked on both DirectX and OpenGL, what’s your opinion on both of these APIs? And do you consider Vulkan to be better than DirectX 12?

**Axel: Overall we had very little issues developing DOOM with OpenGL. DirectX 11 might have an advantage when it comes to optimizations on driver side, as more effort was put into that over the years by the IVHs compared to OpenGL. Also admittedly, there is a broader range of tools that work with DirectX than OpenGL at this point in time. On the other hand, OpenGL has a bigger feature set through extensions and it is less restrictive in terms of certain GPU operations.

DirectX 12 and Vulkan are conceptually very similar and both clearly inherited a lot from AMD’s Mantle API efforts. The low level nature of those APIs moves a lot of the optimization responsibility from the driver to the application developer, so we don’t expect big differences in speed between the two APIs in the future. On the tools side there is very good Vulkan support in RenderDoc now, which covers most of our debugging needs. We choose Vulkan, because it allows us to support Windows 7 and 8, which still have significant market share and would be excluded with DirectX 12. On top of that Vulkan has an extension mechanism that allows us to work very closely with AMD, NVIDIA and Intel to do very specific optimizations for each hardware.

** Axel Gneiting, Senior Engine Programmer at id Software (and previously at crytek)

I suppose big companies are all running their own custom tailored networking library. But aside from that what is generally used? Am not a game dev, but still curious. So far I found the libraries RakNet, ENet, Ice, PocoProject and in the korean realm I found ProudNet. And alot of github projects...

a few games where using this library but because it's part of the steam dev kit, those games couldn't be ported to other markets. valve being good guys, they are open sourcing it and making a non-steam version.

Too bad that didnt work because it still happens all the time. Witcher 2 on Linux for example just runs in a shitty DX9 wrapper and thus performs worse than the original game in wine today

Why not just own a windows gaming PC? Most of Jow Forums seems to have only 1 computer it's weird. I have a dedicated windows machine for media production and gaming, VR, on a separate network from my important stuff. It's basically a public computer as I let my roommates use it. A VM as a sandbox for a gaming OS is dumb, gaming on Linux in 2018 is dumb, Jow Forums is gay

>using Nvidia or Intel GPU
Enjoy your bad drivers

As much as I hate snaps, it does solve the problem of stable build targets.

>A VM as a sandbox for a gaming OS is dumb
virtualization with pci passthrough offers 99% of the native performances. some games are even running better due to the file system.

>he doesn't know about Mozilla

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And you only need a dedicated GPU for that VM, a second monitor, and a few days to set up and troubleshoot!

>thinking I'm not going to charge you out the ass for it and your VR headset


>And you only need a dedicated GPU for that VM
not anymore, and even that, just switch linux to the intel gpu.

>a second monitor
why? you can switch to or run in a window the hosted os like any other app.

They aren't you deceiving shill.

Oh, you mean I can fork their code and go create my own Steam service? I'll get right on that then :p

Literally all years of the Linux desktop that would btfo windows.

this is due to the insanely long dev post by monster hunter world and how difficult it is to do PC handshakes with multi player vs console where you just "plug in" and it "just werks"

not really anything to do with the graphics API..

yeah and it won't change because the average computer user still thinks linux is all cli and hard to use

yet an autistic freetard emulator frondend like retroarch can do it just fine

BASED VALVE! Giving out their stuff to the community just like.

Though I was more excited when Valve bought out MoltenVK making Vulkan freely available for iOS and macOS in addition to Switch, Windows, Android and Linux.

freetards dominate networking. everything is done by them. entire internet wouldn't exist otherwise and all of it's protocols.

Witcher 2 released 7 years ago.
It wasn't until Windows 8 (6 years ago) Valve got concerned about the state of PC (among others) and decided to get Linux unfucked for games . Of course it's going to take some time. They hired another developer for Linux drivers or something like that.

agree, i play csgo on linux and i have issues with the sound going robot mode every couple of days and the random chance that my game will crash when i open the steam overlay. + having to type commands into terminal to get rid of mouse acceleration means no esporters will ever use it

i dunno. they shilled hard for linux when steamOS and steam machine were their pet projects but it seems they slowed down hard. the native game support on steam is still pitiable and they don't seem to convince big studios to make linux ports

does steamos even get updates these days?

I think SteamOS was just not ready yet, Valve still hasn't give up that's for sure.
Steammachines were kinda weird, overpriced things that didn't really fit a niche.

SteamOS is the reference platform if you want to publish your game on Linux. It also serves as a dread game in case Microsoft tries to pull some shit with their Windows store.

Last stable update was three weeks ago and the latest beta is from last week.

I remember when 2000 was supposed to be the great Linux desktop year breakthrough. It has then happened every few years and it still isnt anything viable.
I use Linux at work because of 3d animation and the way the default MATE desktop or Gnome are configured it's just fucking shit. Even fonts are unreadable and everything is a mismatch of bad and variable design. I use terminal mostly for managing files but... still. And not to talk about nvidia gpu drivers...
It wont happen until something miraculous happens first. I hate Windows 10 though but...

Linux is not GNU/Linux it's just linux you stupid mongrel. Fuck off.

if i were valve i would hire a few full time programmers to work on wine or develop their own compatibility layer (or emulator)

>using Steam in the first place
I'm a dirty Windows gaming pleb and even I don't use those digital handcuffs.

What are you two even on about?

>Using PC for gaming
>Not using consoles

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>using gimped black boxes

>what is systemd

bloated shit but not a botnet

>Play game on beautiful (white) PS4, runs beautifully, never run into any problems
>Play game on PC, it runs like dogshit even though you have a decent graphics card because it's a poorly optimized PC port, have to install patches to make it run better, still runs like shit, have to buy a NEW graphics card for $400 dollars when you could've just bought a PS4 Pro for the same amount

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i rather take unoptimized shit before i get cucked to a point where i buy a worse pc which serves as a shiny jail

>a worse(better) pc solely for running games that runs them all perfectly

>replying to pasta

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in your heart it's true and that's all what matters

Yes, in my heart, and on my flawless, 4K HD TV that runs beautifully at a constant fps. Agreed

HL3 is the killer app to defend against ms. Valve has guns loaded witha good library of Linux games and if ms ever locks them out of windows just release HL3 Linux exclusive.

> Largest =/= only

too bad valve doesn't make games anymore and prefers to cash in on gambling

Linux is for people who like to tinker with their computers. This means normies will NEVER embrace it, no matter how well it "just werks"

Only way is to get OEMs to pre-install it AND recommend it over Windows. Again, this will never happen in a million years, even if Microsoft goes bankrupt.