Dextop refresh

Can we get one of these going?

Speccy allowed I guess

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is this the new desktop thread

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It is now

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>inb4 skype
It's ghetto skype + I only use it for contacting coworkers because it's practically shoved down our throats.

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Abhorrent font rendering.

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share your wallpaper, pls

> mfw can't make st transparent because the patch wasn't updated.

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hi guys


>macOS themes
why didn't you just install macOS

what machine is this?

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Just so fucking gay.

Where do you think we are?

I don't know, on a technology related thread you aids infested sodomite.

I'm just so sick and tired of seeing these quasi gay anime wallpaper shit people have setup on their desktops.It's getting all so tiresome.

Wallpaper please op

Sauce me that pape

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literally on featured list
OP is a redditor

I love you!

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>why didn't you just install macOS
I did (see pic related). It is pretty, but
>no good NTFS RW support
>2 options for above: a proprietary one (that sucks) and a buggy free one
>OpenGL performance was absolutely trash

Another thing that bothered me is that the OS made more outgoing connections than I'd like it to. No such issues with GNU/Linux.

Also, I wasn't really going for OS X's look, but something more elementary-ish. IMO, Pantheon is the best looking DE after just changing the default theme. Too bad it's buggy as hell.

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Alright, what's your question buddy?

Is that default mint 18.3 kernel?

I guess.

A Freudian slip I presume.

We're on Jow Forums you fucking newfag.


What rendering? All I see are bitmaps, idiot.

That's why it sucks, retard. Why are you doing this to yourself? Are you proud of being autistic?

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I really like it

personal preference. am i proud, yes.

Sauce on the pape? Pls

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>gnome-terminal can't do non-ascii images in neofetch

it hurts

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I used to have that pape, looks great on OLED displays


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you realize by grounding yourself if you touch a live wire you will have very low resistance to ground and you will get zapped to death

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Nice, why dont u switch to urxvt?

the fuk is on her puss


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I’m pretty lazy and like the way gnome-terminal can just use my gtk theme. Is that a thing on other terminals?

Slackware is really comfy

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Thought these threads are banned here. Anyway, rate me.

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yeah, with gtk based terminals such as xfce4-terminal or lxterminal

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Damn, can't get non-ascii images in either of those. My neofetch config is right because it works in urxvt. I guess it's a gtk issue.

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good posts

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debian stable

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Yay! I hope these become regular things again!

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Wallpaper please?


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>this kills the thread

Only good one coming thru

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dumb furfag eyeburning desktop

dont you also wear geobaskters rofl lmao

acbn owned yet again

photoshopped desktop

How did I get here

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did i get late to the party :(

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a terminal inside of a file explorer? holy fark I'm switching to linux

Hello kisumi
Cute victor

Post Awoo wallpapers user

We aren't saying it isn't, we are just saying ya set up is shit

Sometimes I wish I had a 5k screen on a custom built Mac but then it wouldn't work as well.

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Please don't say such rude things about my bf

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And you win "gayest"

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hi ubuntu bunch of sticks
cute yurios
how did you end up liking yoi?

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GNU/Linux has perfect NTFS support and good OpenGL performance, though. I didn't mention Windows anywhere in my post, nor I posted any Windows desktop.

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So when are they going to make a tiling WM that also allows overlapping?

sup yo

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you can set the mode of each individual window
thus you can set any window to be floating (overlapping)

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Just switched to linux yesterday after a whole life of windows. Any tips?
>inb4 install gentoo

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I never thought I would say this but I kinda miss him

No, I want tiles with tabs (think i3 or notion/ion3) that can overlap into other tiles and only do so when its in focus.
It's such an obvious improvement it's a wonder no one has made such a thing.